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  1. Kompacplus is actually stain-proof and fire-proof. Someone in renotalk actually did a tumeric stain test before. My wife bakes alot and so far there's no stain at all. And we have no qualms about putting our hot pans directly on the countertop. Caesarstone shld be fine too!
  2. Not too sure whether it is comparable to quartz/laminate or not, but we paid an extra $700+ on top of the cost of the Kompacplus for the "wrapping" of the island top and kitchen cabinet top! But I think it was worth it because we achieved the look of a butcher block countertop plus the benefits of Kompacplus. Because we didn't like the thin profile of kompacplus so we asked our contractor to do this
  3. Because we didn't like the thin profile of kompacplus so we asked our contractor to do this
  4. The thing about Ikea's butcher block top is that they stain quite easily. This was what I noticed from the ones on display in their showrooms. And they are there for like less than a year? Or you can ask your contractor to "wrap" a solid wood block with Kompacplus, giving it an illusion of a butcher block but with anti-stain protection, like what I did for my kitchen island (:
  5. Hi, living room TV console is from Mulamu: http://www.mulamu.com/ Though I spied similar ones from Taobao Room TV console and small coffee table are from Castlery!
  6. HI ALL! Sorry to everyone for the super late replies! We have been away for our very loooong honeymoon and had not been logging in! Apologies! Just going to leave the contacts of my contractor here out in the open for all to see! He is Kevin (Mr K, 9022 2321) from H2O Interior Renovation. You can contact him via Whatsapp or call (preferred)! Regarding the questions about the shaker-style kitchen cabinets, I am not sure if he charged extra because we asked for this style right at the start, and so we did not compare the prices between shaker style and non-shaker style. But it definitely requires more work than a normal "flat" cabinet door. As to how it is done: The "real" shaker style cabinets are carved out from pieces of solid wood, so the inner bevelled edges are continuous and can be "curved". This method, obviously, is prohibitively expensive So the cheaper and more practical way to do it is to take use pieces of the usual laminated cabinet plywood, sawing them to precision, and combining them to create the illusion of "shaker style". Since they are pieces of wood attached together and not one whole piece of wood, you cannot really get the "curved" edges. But they were good enough for our purposes The thing is it needs to be properly aligned and combined so that it looks like the real thing. Mr K's carpenters were experts on these; all our cabinet doors were flawlessly done! To those Renotalkers who mentioned their contractors and ID say it can't be done, I suggest you find other contractors to do it for you
  7. Hi, did u overlay the whole toilet wall and floor, only saw partial within the shower screen? thnks.

  8. Hi,

    Can I have your contractor contact?

  9. Hey there! Oh for my case, there were two electrical conduits from the ground up to the hacked wall, so our contractor retained these two lines and linked them to the island sockets!
  10. Hello do you mind sharing your contractor's contact? Thank you. :)

  11. Wow! Super busy for the past 2 months preparing for our wedding! Finally we can catch our breath! Will take this time to share some of our live-in photos! Our living room! Now furnished with blinds! Even though our flooring cost us the most ($11K), we still feel it was the best decision ever to go for these greyish woodplank tiles. They really add to the Scandinavian vibe of our house! Our wood-inspired wall. Our entertainment room with the awesome Yamaha soundbar Still awaiting our study table from taobao! Our bedroom! This was after our 过大礼 back in April, hence the bright red bedsheet DIY-ed the cove lights underneath the bed! MBR curtains! Scandinavian floor lamp from Taobao! Decided to DIY paint one of the walls. Hard work though! Sneak peak of our MBR toilet
  12. Hihi, can you provide me with your contractor's contact?? Thank you in advance!

    cynthia.jiawen@gmail.com / You can pm me too :)