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  1. Pretty decent layout! A bit small but i guess that's HDB's fault I like the fact that the bomb shelter door is in the hallway where it's not as visible. I'm so annoyed that mine is right smack in the middle of the hall. The outside toilet looks a bit small for a dry shower, is it possible? I'm also planning to do ventilation fan in toilet. If you plan to have carpentry, i think it helps. As for the kitchen, as long as you don't do much high heat cooking, open shelves look nicer and make the kitchen look less cramped.
  2. Hey, i PMed you but you might not have seen it... mind passing me your contractor contact? Thanks!
  3. I am buying a resale flat and have some questions about network coverage, hope those more knowledgeable can help out. Unit is about 15 years old, so it is like the newer blocks which are taller, more cramped and with more units (hence more wifi interference problems). I uploaded the floorplan of a similar unit below. Currently, the Opennet Termination Point is near the red dot. I would like to have both wifi coverage as well as wired access in all bedrooms + living room. For wifi access, I would prefer to have one router only without any mesh/bridge/repeaters for ease of troubleshooting. Based on the floorplan, i would think that the best location for the router is where the green dot is, to provide coverage to the whole house (there might be weaker signal in kitchen because of the stupid bomb shelter but that I can live with). I can mount the router high up on the wall, or even just stick it to the exposed aircon trunking which will need to run through the hallway. I have also identified four spots for wired access, in blue dots. However, I am not sure how to run all the cabling to my desired location, i hope you guys can help me with these questions: 1) Is it possible to place the router in the green area when the termination point is in the red area? I know i would probably need to get an electrician to open up electrical sockets near the green area. I also need to run concealed trunking from the red to green area. Either I place the ONT at the red area, then run a cat5e/cat6 cable to the green area, or i run a concealed fiber line from red to green, then put ONT + router in the green area. Leaning towards the second option so that all equipment is in the same area. Any other pros and cons for both options? Is running fiber line more expensive than running cat5e/cat6 line? 2) Once the router is in place at the green area, i would need to run cat5e/6 cables from the green area to the blue areas where I want LAN points right? Can these cables be concealed in the wall when doing reno, or must they be run outside the wall on a raceway? Any disadvantage to concealed cable besides cost? Can we choose to run the network cables with the electrical cables to save hacking/plastering cost during reno? If the blue areas are structural beams (shaded black), means cannot run concealed cabling? Appreciate any advice, thanks!
  4. looking good! I hope you guys managed to get it all done before your vacation/honeymoon!
  5. i'd like to know the contractor's details too, if you're still around @purplegirafffe!
  6. i'd like the contact for Boon too, if anyone has it!
  7. i like the Japandi style! Scandi always seems alittle too cold for me. Where did you buy the sofa/dining set? How much were they?
  8. your reno looks good! Did you hire an ID or contractor? I'm guessing contractor from your detailed sketchup models? can share your contractor/aircon contacts?
  9. This looks great! But i'm just wondering... will daiso contact paper be able to hold up to heavy use? If you need to mop your floor, or there is laundry dripping onto it, or grease stains that you need to wipe off in the kitchen, not sure if the contact paper will hold?