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  1. replied to your PM. that's alot of questions! haha... but my reply was longer.
  2. I never heard of it before. I don't think it stated anywhere in the renovation guide from HDB.
  3. make sure they do proper waterproofing to the enlarged toilet! especially you are placing your bathtub at the original dry bedroom area.
  4. Hi patpatrol If we had to go through the reno process again, i would not do the top glass portion in my living and study partition. Also I would do the flooring with a lighter tone, which can brighten up the living space further. but too bad they do not have the lighter tone vinyl for the model we choosen. which taobao purchases you interested? there are quite a number of taobao purchases I did. Will PM you our contractor's contact.
  5. Hi, I used sketchup to do the visualization. Unfortunately sketchup is no longer "free" software to download. There is a online version for personal use with limited functions https://www.sketchup.com/plans-and-pricing#for-personal Alternatively you can try download the 2017 version or earlier to use offline. It's a pretty good basic software to do up ideas for reno.
  6. some were asking me how does the connection below the sink looks like. Here it is. Flexible pipes supplied together with the sink.
  7. Hi! apologies for the late respond. Just came back not long ago from overseas. The compressor are located outside the master room and another common room windows nearer to our study room. The usual place for older flats without aircon ledge. PM you my contractor contact.
  8. Hi WuffRuff Only the living room are installed with false ceiling. The kitchen did not. If you see from the photo taken looking at the kitchen entrance, you can see the where the water pipe runs. Everything runs along the beam above the entrance which is not visible from the living room, so it gave an impression that false ceiling was installed in kitchen. For the kitchen wall, it is just pure concrete screed finished. Initially wanted to add on a sealer but it will make the wall even darker. The light grey color is bright and good. I installed a system 3 + system 2. The block had underwent electrical upgrading, and I went to look around my neighbour's window, there are some units with 2 compressor. Frankly I also dunno if there is 30 or 40 Amps but I am sure electrical upgrading was completed. My aircon was done up by Tim Wong. He can be contacted by 92321641. He used to do our first home and my mum's home. Their workmanship was pretty good so decided to engage him again. I am assuming that you are referring to the partition beside the dresser table? It is actually carpentry partition, i.e. with wood frame and laminate on plywood. part of the feature wall in the living room. PM you on my ID contact etc.
  9. Installed the toilet mirror cabinet (size: 900x700) we got from taobao. including shipping about S$200. the quality is very good as it used plywood.