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  1. I know taste is subjective but just wonder if anyone has advice on what to modify for the colours or combination of the cabinet and sides of island for a more cosy and pleasant feel. Thanks!
  2. Hi, We have a contractor to do up our place and we thought it might be better to have a 3D with all the colours for better visualization of ideas. May i know how are the charges like? Thanks,
  3. Hi, Just got a resale 5rm hdb. Please advise on cost and capacity of storage heater. Does it include installation? Usage for a family of 4; 2 adults and 2 girls: morning: 2 separate bathrooms will be in use simultaneously by 2 individuals late afternoon: likely once evening: peak where all 4 will shower one after another. When should the installation be done during reno? Thanks.
  4. I have a system 3 Mitsubitshi in the new place that i just bought and hardly used though it has been 6-7 years. Keen to buy from me? What is your budget?
  5. Read from an owner who renovated her BTO flat about an electrician Mr Sim 9818 xxxx. Wonder if anyone is aware and highly recommended?
  6. Hi, Thanks for sharing your reno journey and experience, it has been a great help esp now that i am abt to start my reno. Just realised that OpenNet has been changed to Netlink. You mentioned that you wished you had more than 1 network point to each room, could you elaborate on that? Wouldnt wifi be sufficient? Mine is a resale HDB flat and was wondering if it would be worthwhile to extend the network point to all rooms. Currently have 2 growing up girls and wonder if their need for high speed broadband will justify the costs. Thank you.
  7. Can upload some photos of your bathroom tiles? Quite interested to see a very good colour combination.
  8. Seems like all your posts are the same, promoting S*****, i can't help but suspect you are either him or related. If want to do business, better be honest about it, I don't suggest you come and mislead home--owners who need to find a good contractor.
  9. Hi Yokechye, Have pmed you a number of questions. Hope you will be able to find some time to answer the queries. Thanks!
  10. Hi everyone, Wonder if anyone with more experience can shed some light on this: Have read on Renotalk on a number of ID or contractors who produced pretty good work and are recommended by homeowners however we found that some of these are not HDB-registered after we have started 1-2 rounds of discussions. Is there a great concern if these are not HDB-registered? Read from this site in pt 6.http://stories.renotalk.com/stories/Home-and-Living/dos-and-donts-of-hdb-renovations
  11. Hi Jem, Really nice home you have there! Thanks for sharing your journey. Able to pm me the contact of your contractor? Think he will be swamped with requests! Btw may i know what was the budget quoted for your renovation? I am working on a rather low budget though. Pat
  12. Dear Wendy81, Pls pm with contractor no. thanks!
  13. Thanks for sharing your journey and with all the wonderfully taken photos! If you have a chance to go through the reno process all over again, what would you have differently? Also, is there anything you would have designed differently, having lived in your apartment for several months? Can you also share your links for purchases at Taobao? We will be collecting keys to our resale flat in April and are having a huge headache with getting a contractor as we are still overseas. Able to share your contractor contact? Thanks!