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  1. Hifi room being built up:) Enjoying the music! any music lovers here?
  2. For those PMing me which renovation company I’m using. Sorry for the non reply due to my busy work these few months. It’s Comfort Home Renovation Look for Aaron Contact: Nine234four023
  3. Thanks for the compliments. It’s the effort of the ID. The fan is from Elmark. Very strong wind.
  4. For those asking who did the wrapping of the door frames. infim design
  5. The hall from different angles.
  6. The dining area with different lighting:)
  7. Hi Pat thanks for the complements! Yup a lot of requests for the contacts of Aaron. PMed you the contacts. Don’t worry about the cost, he will recommend you what’s possible with your budget. His price is very reasonable, ID design with contractor price:) I was surprised that he can offer almost 15k cheaper than many established IDs. We took the risk and were rewarded.
  8. Our dining table from Grey Hammer. The granite table is out of the world!
  9. Our sofa that can extend if you want to rest your leg on it. It’s very classy. We got it from Big Brain JB. Look for Keith for great advice and price!
  10. Settee just came in to complete the walkway.
  11. Sound Room is slowly building up. Sounding great!
  12. Hi the brand is tiara. We got the second one from the right, we like the slim profile and it’s design.
  13. Long walkway to the 5 bed rooms