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  1. Hey everyone, if you're pregnant or know someone who is, take note of these 25 foods to avoid during pregnancy. Many of the foods listed there are so common that we wouldn't even think twice of eating it (things like fish, egg products, vegetables, etc.) but it can be a completely different for a pregnant person, which can lead to birth defects in newborn children. Have a look: 25 Foods to Avoid during Pregnancy.
  2. As the square-foot average of homes all becoming smaller while prices go up and up, the idea of making the most of the little space that we have is becoming ever more attractive. Good small room designs that work are something that home owners are always on the lookout for – and loft beds let home owners make the best use of space. Loft beds are fantastic not just for saving space but also for bringing family closer together again. They really are special. Here are a few of the best designs floating around the internet! 1. Four loft beds come together (literally) in this modern small bedroom to create a space where members of the family can spend the night close to one another just like in the old days. The raw, unpolished wooden ladder, safety rails (which looks like it was crafted with love and not a professional) and woven baskets provide a nice contrast and colour. Did anyone else notice that clever space hollowed out into the wall to create additional storage space? (you might also be interested in: Trending Japanese Minimalism) 2. If privacy is more your thing, a single loft bed on an ingeniously designed drawer cabinet that doubles as a staircase and storage space. You could add safety rails if you're the type to roll off beds but it seems that most people don't, even when fast asleep. Good lighting and additional shelves and/or cabinets complete this cozy spot while providing sufficient me-space without completely isolating oneself is nice. (10 Storage and Organization Ideas Under $10) 3. Another four loft bed setup, this time with more traditional design elements that still charm. A few quality-of-life additions have found their way into this design, including individual draw curtains for each bed space and night lights for reading. Oh, and each bed space also has its own little window that lets sufficient natural sunlight (good for keeping mites and germs in check while providing a free light source). You could almost smell the wood and linen - doesn't it just make you want to snuggle in and never leave? 4. The next loft bed small bedroom design is this children's bedroom with four super-cozy loft beds filled in fluffy and colourful pillows and blankets. Suspending the beds to the ceiling with thick, sturdy rope is an interesting idea that helps remove barriers between the children while giving the room a unique look. I do have some concerns about how sturdy the beds are (after all, it has to support the bed, mattress and child). 5. A little claustrophobic, this traditional mid-century bedroom somehow manages to cram at least five beds into a smaller-than-average space. What really caught my attention are the gorgeous, authentic-looking oil-paintings that fill the tiny bed spaces which really transforms the living space. Gives it a mariner's feel and not a theme you see every day. But hey, just think of the amount of space you'd be able to free up in the rest of the house. 6. When space is extremely limited, a solid wooden bookshelf doubles as a bed and storage space. Yes, it's a joke, but it does do a good job at emphasizing the core concept of how loft beds and how making use of vertical space works for small rooms and interiors. Let's just hope that housing space here never becomes this small. And, no, don't even think of getting a metal bookshelf... I don't think that needs an explanation. 7. Warmth, comfort and safety is what this modern contemporary room gives anyone who steps inside – and loft beds offer families a way of connecting. No more will children feel unsafe and wake up at night to snuggle up to mom and dad because they're always there! Soft toys and sturdy furnishings with rounded edges in non-slip finish complete this perfect family spot. That large window in the middle couldn't be in a better place, either! (You might also be interested in: Home Safety) More reading:
  3. Health and a proper skincare routine is important if you want good skin. Drink enough water, eat a balanced diet and get a little sunlight - and don't keep touching your face with dirty hands! People I know say that I look 26 or so (I'm a decade older than that), after I hint to them that I'm a lot older than I look... For me, I wash my face with gentle cleanser (I use EverSoft Camellia Flower & Mulberry), pat dry with a small clean cloth which I wash and replace daily, and then applying a facial moisturizer. I'm using Alvi Beauty Care organic argan oil right now (pure argan oil). The combination keeps skin clean and protected, so it wards off acne and blackheads / whiteheads nicely. Unless I'm expecting to be in the sun a lot, that argan oil moisturizer provides enough UV protection. The science says it's about 6 - 8 SPF, so it's not much but enough if you're in the shade.
  4. There are many interior design styles that home owners can choose from today to build the perfect home. Some are subdued and calming, others are extravagant and showy. We'll look at 8 popular styles today - and we're sure that you'll find something you like: Modern Image via https://www.pinterest.com/pin/551831760591010423/ Focusing on functionality and simplicity, modern design styles are popular with home owners. This style is characterized by precise and efficient use of space, further accentuated by simple decorative elements, including simple geometrically shaped furniture, lighting and furniture. The modern approach to interior design has a strong influence on many other styles as we'll see in this list. Minimalism Image via https://www.pinterest.com/pin/22869910594679893/ Minimalism takes the modern design style of simplicity and functionality to the next level. It is characterized by its ultra-clean look and natural decorative elements. Instead of relying on bling, minimalism shifts our attention to the subtle aesthetics of shapes, colour and textures. Most minimalism designs use a subdued colour palette, often comprising of white and light blues as the primary colour accentuated by slightly darker hues like green. Contemporary Image via https://www.pinterest.com/pin/231442868336179789/ As the name suggests, contemporary designs incorporate design elements that are currently trendy (or are readily available to be snatched up from the market), including new materials and standards of comfort. Though not as restrictive as the modern style, contemporary designs often stick to a small colour palette, like a combination of black, white and grey. (Why metal: Giving your home a contemporary, shiny and smooth look) Industrial Image via https://www.pinterest.com/pin/433682639117006841/ Raw pragmatism defines the industrial style. The easiest way to describe the industrial style is that if you've decided to start living in your factory office and brought in some furniture to make it more comfortable. Decor is made up of design elements that take on the look of fabricated parts and structures that you'd find in a factory, like concrete block staircases and plain platforms supported by beams. Mid-Century Modern Image via https://www.pinterest.com/pin/678495500088168895/ The Mid-Century Modern style is a transitional style that combines simplicity and natural building materials (like wood) and more modern ones like plastics (often to mimic wood). Simplicity is key to the mid-century modern style, which features gentle organic curves and clean lines, though at times home owners like to experiment by combining different and contrasting materials. Scandinavian Image via https://www.pinterest.com/pin/533535887098456600/ The Scandinavian approach to home design is a popular style that transforms minimalism into a real work-of-art - both aesthetically and functionally. Warm and welcoming spaces come to life, with bare wooden floors filled with organically inspired furniture and live plants for décor against a bright, neutral colour palette. There's also an emphasis on natural lighting, with large sliding doors and windows that lets light in which is then reflected throughout the interior space by its light coloured walls. (Tips for creating a Scandinavian Interior) Traditional (Western) Image via https://www.pinterest.com/pin/808185095611777939/ Though not common in Asia, traditional western styles have made their way into home owner's homes here and are notable for their warm, cozy features. Traditional western homes are often made up by the use of dark, finished woods against a warm coloured background that's also rich in beautiful textures in the form of curtains, drapes and carpets. Elaborate modern chandeliers complete the traditional western look by providing warm lighting that mimic that of the fireplace, which also illuminates a centrepiece decoration, often where you'd find the TV in a modern home. Hollywood Glam Image via https://www.pinterest.com/pin/811281320347399687/ Glamour and the dramatic come together in the Hollywood Glam style with the purpose of drawing attention to itself. Gorgeous and luxurious, this style makes use of exotic décor, high-quality furniture and expensive large-piece tiles and natural stone that's illuminated by dramatic lighting that shines spotlights on every important piece in the room – perfect for anyone who wants to live the real Gatsby. _________________________________________________ Looking for an interior designer? Find it here: Best Interior Design in Malaysia. _________________________________________________ More reading: What to look for in your interior designer 5 MUKI Furniture sets to MUJI-up your room
  5. We can all agree that the kitchen is one of the important spots in the home. With many of us spending lots of time in one, it makes sense that your kitchen interior should be safe and functional before aesthetic considerations. Even if you decide to engage an interior designer to help you it's still a good idea to have an idea on what works and what doesn't. Here are some guidelines on how to renovate your kitchen (in step-by-step order): 1. When picking appliances, go for products that give you an estimate of its total dimensions so that you can plan your kitchen space in advance. This information should at least be available on demand from the manufacturer if not stated on the product itself. 2. Place the sink as close to the drainage pipe as possible. The closer it is to the drain pipe, the shorter the pipe from the sink has to be. Cheaper and fewer potential problems in future. 3. Learn about the kitchen work triangle. Optimizing foot traffic flow and smoothing the transition from station to station without backtracking helps (e.g. not having to walk past the stove to get the sink and back). It's simple space usage logic, really, but one that can have a big impact (fewer accidents, less walking around, less bumping into one another). Image via Wikipedia. 4. Select (or design custom) your kitchen cabinets to work in line with the kitchen work triangle. (Layout and configurations for your kitchen) 5. Pick the finish for floors and walls: pick a finish that is puts up with water, soap and grease. Satin and semi-gloss paint finishes are ideal. Ceramic tiles could be okay too but you might have to worry about gunk buildup in between the grout (the mortar filling in between tiles) - a potential health hazard. 6. Based on your selections, request quotations from three independent contractors. This should help you evaluate the market better and give you an idea of how much your project should cost. (Submit your quotation request) 7. Have your new cabinetry delivery to coincide with the time the old ones are replaced. If the new cabinets are delivered too early then you might find yourself with no where to put it. Extra tip: go for kitchen cabinets that go all the way to the top to maximize storage space while also making the space look bigger. 8. Prep the walls (including internal components) and have them ready before the cabinets are delivered and installed. 9. Install the countertops and sinks. Solid surfaces are always a good pick since they're affordable, easy to install and very hygienic, but "quartz" and natural stone countertops have many pros, too. (How to choose the perfect countertop) 10. Plumbing comes next. Choose pipes based on strength, durability, flexibility, weight, resistance to corrosion and the method used to join them together. 11. Tile the kitchen backsplash. Go for a backsplash that complements your kitchen design as a whole (it should comply with the 60:30:10 colour scheme rule). 12. Painting and lighting. (A guide to lighting your home) 13. Delivery and installation of appliances. Again, make sure this happens at around the same time you remove the old ones - having the appliances delivered too early and you'll have to store those appliances somewhere in your a house (space that you might not have). Pull out the old appliances too early and you won't be able to use them. And there we go. Good luck with your renovation! __________________________ Put in Your Quotation Request __________________________ More interior design and renovation tips:
  6. In Singapore or Malaysia? Well, here are a few I like in Johor Bahru.
  7. Before beautiful interior spaces can be built there are house design plan drawings... or was it for every amazing building made there's a floor plan behind it? Whatevs... found these gorgeous floor plans by various interior designers. Have a look! Floor plan designs by De Space Interior Design, Johor Bahru. Cluster House @ Double Storey, Location: Austin Height. Designer: Darick Yau Proposal For Extension & Interior Design. Location: Seri Austin, Designer: Darick Yau, De Space Interior Design. External extension proposal for Double Storey house, cluster house. Designer: Darick Yau and Alven Go. Homestay. Designer: Darick Yau and Shawn Ooi. Glass house. Designers: Darick Yau and Shawn Ooi. External extension proposal, Double-Storey, Cluster House. Designers: Darick Yau and Alven Go. Design Layout Proposer, Condominium. Designer: Darick Yau. Bungalow Kebun Teh. Designer: Darick Yau & Alven Go.
  8. It's perfectly understandable if we make mistakes the first time. But when that mistake is as costly as buying a new home, you'd wish that you'd done a little more homework. Fortunately, those who have gone before us have put together a list of these mistakes in the hopes that future home buyers won't repeat them. Here are five of the most common and important ones: 1. Not finding out more about the housing developer It's easy to get caught up checking out a home's design, location, price and payment plans because they seem to be only factors that matter when purchasing a home. What many of us forget to do, however, is to run a check by the developer. In fact, it shouldn't even matter if the developer government backed - governments fail, too, and the chances that a private developer would is substantially higher. Image via Giphy. What you should be doing: Find out who are in charge. An experienced, reputable management team is strong assurance. Learn more about their previous projects. Are their property owners complaining about defects, cracks in the structure, rusty pipes or misleading promises? 2. Failing to consider locations outside the city centre This one is a balancing act - how much is convenience worth to you? Whatever you do, keep in mind that properties located in the suburbs or just outside the city centre are often A LOT cheaper - and you also often won't have to sacrifice a lot for it either. True, it may be further away, but when you factor in traffic jams and other nonsense, you'd be surprised that there sometimes isn't much of a difference. Another big plus (if you're buying the property and not just renting) there's a good chance that the property will experience a crazy rise in valuation as the city district grows to encompass your once-cheap-place, thus making it a possible good investment. Image via www.imoney.com What you should be doing: Check up property prices of the outskirts of the city district. Smaller townships outside of main city districts often offer plenty of amenities (e.g. facilities, shopping malls) while also offering lower prices to attract home buyers. Is the property you're looking at properly connected to the city district? We're talking highways and infrastructure that will help you get to where you need to go. Find out if the developer has plans to further develop the area which will raise its price valuation (and make your investment that much more profitable). 3. Purchasing a pocket development over a township Let's clear up some definitions: a pocket development refers to a piece of property where the developer builds houses and nothing else. A township, on the hand, is a developer that builds houses and additional infrastructure and amenities that support the housing project. In other words, not only will this play to your investment interest but will also mean that anyone living there would have access to a whole lot of "quality of life" extras. No one wants to drive 20km just to buy a meal... What you should be doing: Again, find out the developer's plans and capabilities. Real estate that features shopping malls and sports complexes not only raise quality of life but also your investment. Find out if the housing estate is a "gated community". Those security guards at the guard post and patrols are not for show. Usually (again, check up on developer's reliability and trustworthiness). ______________ Need help with your renovation? Find a Reliable Contractor in Johor Bahru ______________ 4. Swooping in to buy a house simply because its cheap Wow, this one is contender for the first biggest mistake home buyers make. Remember the law of conservation? While it may not apply as strictly to buying a home, the gist of the concept stays the same: if something is too cheap to be true, then it probably isn't because the only way to make something cheaper is to (i) cut profit margins, or (ii) cut development costs (e.g. quality, safety) and hope that no one notices. Further reading: Is your contractor cheating you? How to avoid scamming contractors in Malaysia What you should be doing: Double back and see what other developers are offering with their homes that they're forgetting to mention in their brochure: does the location offer extra niceties like shade, trees, good roads and parking space? Will you LIKE living there? How safe is the location? Does the developer have plans to reinforce security in the area? How does the home's land area compare to other places? If you bought your home cheap because it's small, remember that there won't be enough room if you intend to have a family in future or bring the folks home to stay with you. Never mind about throwing parties... 5. Biting (or buying) off more than you can chew The size of your housing loan should not equal your gross salary. It's sad how many people give in to greed and end up buying homes (and therefore picking up home loans) that are above their pay grade. What you should be doing: Know your budget and make sure you're saving after servicing your loans and other costs. This emergency fund should be enough to cover your for half a year. Study bank loans before taking them up. Different banks may offer better repayment plans that are easier to service or maybe even cheaper in the long-run. Be on the lookout for rebates on offer by developers. You might just get away with not having to pay the 10% down payment for that new home! How much is the cost of renovation in Malaysia?
  9. It depends on your skin. If you have oily skin you will want to try a light moisturizer (moisturizing lotions vs facial oils) after washing your face with a cleanser (spring water or eau thermale). If you have dry or dehydrated skin then you'll need to replace the oils. Plant oils like argan oil are a good choice as their fatty acids help repair the skin barrier that prevents water loss from the skin and bacterial infection. It also has loads of anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatories and vitamin E that keep skin healthy in general and gives some protection from UV radiation. And yes, the unsaturated oils in argan oil are essential nutrients that cells need to proliferate and repair themselves. It's kinda like an all-in-one facial oil. You might also be interested in: How to use Argan Oil for Stretch Marks during Pregnancy Using Argan Oil for Hair Loss How to use Argan Oil for Face How to use Argan Oil for Skin How to use Argan Oil for Hair
  10. Renovation scams and complaints related to them make up 8% of of all customer complaints in Singapore, according to the Consumers Association of Singapore, and approximately S$8.4 million have been received due to renovation-related complaints. To help you avoid getting scammed by bad contractors, some good people blog.seedly.sg has put together a list using from info provided by the SMRT Feedback by the Vigilanteh and the Consumers Association of Singapore. *Please keep in mind that this list should only serve as a general guide and NOT be taken as an absolute reflection of the firms and companies listed here. Always double check the background of each firm/company individually before passing judgement. This list is not in any way an attempt to unjustly defame any firm or company. No. Blacklisted Contractor/Interior Designer 1 3Latte Pte Ltd 2 Absolute Design Associates Private Limited 3 A-Build Construction Pte/Ltd 4 A'Conceptz Design & Renovation Pte Ltd 5 AIK LIAN ENGINEERING & TRADING PTE LTD 6 Alam Living Interior Design Consultant -Ms Siti Hawa Bte Othman 7 Am Construction Technology Pte Ltd 8 Ansana Pte.Ltd. 9 Apco Pte Ltd 10 Bayview Concepts Pte Ltd 11 Behome Design Concept -Ng Chun Kiat 12 Blink 23 Pte Ltd 13 Blu Pin I.D Pte Ltd - Sia Chun Yi(She JunYi) 14 Briggs Design Pte Ltd/ Pemplas Interior Pte Ltd 15 CES ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION PTE LTD 16 Chan Chee Seng( Zeng ZhiSheng ) 17 Chan Yi Quian Brenden t/a Board of Designers 18 Chia Su Yung 19 Chiam Ser Ko t/a Festal Interior Reno 20 Chong Sen Construction Pte Ltd 21 Colour Centre Pte Ltd 22 Cozy Loft Pte Ltd 23 Creaction Design Pte Ltd 24 Creative Interior Design - Mr Tan Yong Heng 25 Da Vidbox Designs Pte Ltd 26 De Ir Pte Ltd 27 Décor Studio Pte Ltd 28 D’Concept Design Private Limited 29 D'Poh Interior Pte Ltd 30 Dream Innovatus Home 31 Eco Intergrated Pte Ltd 32 Edsel Design&Renovation Pte Ltd 33 Eins Construction Pte ltd 34 Elementz Design Studio 35 EL-FA Team Pte Ltd 36 Emmanuel Reno & Services 37 ER Concept Plt Ltd 38 Expeditious Pte Ltd 39 EXPEDITIOUS PTE LTD 40 Façade Holdings Pte Ltd 42 Foccus Interior Pte Ltd 43 Focusstudio Pte Ltd 44 Fu Fang Ruo t/a Bizwiz Construction & Services 45 Genesis ID Pte Ltd 46 Genesis ID Pte Ltd 47 GS Creative Pte Ltd 48 Haller (Far East) Private Limited 49 Hauslab Design&Build Pte Ltd 50 Hiaxia Crystal Constrcution Pte Ltd 51 Hong Choon Building Construction 52 I1 Reno Pte Ltd 53 Icon D'Zigne Pte Ltd 54 Icon Studio P/L 55 IDA Construction Pte Ltd 56 Illusion Design & Contract Pte Ltd 57 In-Base Interior Design -Tan Lay Nah 58 Innerspace Interior Pte Ltd 59 Island Lifestyle Group Pte.Ltd. 60 J-Plan Associates Pte Ltd 61 J-Plan Associates Pte.Ltd. 62 JS Devise Private Limited 63 JST Creations t/a Tan Lay Hoon 64 K Jensen Pte Ltd 65 Ke Kim Ching t/a Goodrich Building and Trading 66 Kenreno Construction&Trading 67 KK Workshop Pte Ltd 68 Koon Seng Renovation Contractor 69 Lau Yong Koi t/a Crystal Pool Building and Services 70 Lim Lee Hoon t/a Junying Design&Construction 71 Limmax ID Pte Ltd 72 Lines & Angels Private Limted 73 Linewerkz Pte Ltd 74 Luxur I.D. Pte Ltd 75 Markwell Design&Contract Pte Ltd 76 MBG INTERIOR P/L 77 H Klassic Pte Ltd 78 MH Builders Pte Ltd - Mr Chng Chee Ann 79 Mr Lim Soo Tat t/a Roca Vida 80 Mr Teo E-Shen 81 Mr Yang Johnson 82 Mr Zulkanain Bin Amin 83 Mycenean Design-Profession Pte Ltd 84 New Age Construction&Trading Pte Ltd 85 Nexus Interior Pte.Ltd. 86 Ng Meng Teck formerly t/a Ben Design&Build 87 Omni Construction Pte Ltd 88 OP3 International Pte Ltd 89 Penthouse Interior&Trading Pte Ltd 90 PNI Homes Pte Ltd 91 Point Design City Development Pte.Ltd. 92 Point Design City Development Pte.Ltd. 93 Reka Bina Pte Ltd (RB Services Pte Ltd) 94 S.A.C (PTE) LTD 95 Sek Loong Trading& Construction Service Pte Ltd 96 Sim Wee Kiat t/a Witz Studio 97 Siong Lee Contractor 98 SJ MARBLE(S) PTE LTD 99 Solidform Trading - Koh Huang Sim 100 Studio Q Design(Pte Ltd) 101 Tan Meng Hua 102 Tan Tian Bok/Tan Tian Ci both t/a Jiamei Furnishings 103 Techgroup E&C Pte Ltd 104 The Creative Formation Pte Ltd 105 The Metaphysics Practice -Kua Joo Siang Raymond (Hafary as Third party) 106 THIAN SUNG CONSTRUCTION PTE LTD 107 Timlord Construction Pte.Ltd 108 TMG Cornerstone Pte.Ltd. 109 Tycoon Construction Pte Ltd 110 Vent Engineering Pte Ltd 111 Wallstreet Interior Pte Ltd 112 Well-Know Engineering Pte Ltd 113 Weng Stone Trading Pte Ltd 114 Workshop I.D & Build Pte Ltd 115 WTH Builders 116 WYS Engineering & Construction P/L 117 YKS Builders & Engineering P/L 118 Zen Seng Pte Ltd 119 ZHENGDA CORPORATION PTE LTD 120 ZQ Studio Pte Ltd - Victor Yeong Kong Khuen 121 CONTEMPO ART OF LIVING PTE LTD AKA THE ARTMANI PTE LTD 122 Vector Design Learn how to recognize and avoid scammers:
  11. Thinking of doing some renovation work but not sure how much it should costs? Though renovation costs in Johor Bahru (and anywhere else) depend strongly on the prevailing market price of materials, services and labour available in your area, we’ve done our best to put together a rough estimate (with some assumptions taken) that can help you plan your renovation budget more effectively! So what’s involved in renovation? For starters, a significant portion of the cost for a renovation consists of carpentry, electrical wiring, painting, plumbing and flooring. Components of a renovation with high variability in price include the cost of materials, rates charged by contractors and interior designers, as well as decorative items such as feature walls. Renovation work involving house extension will costs more. For the purpose of this article, we’ve omitted costs arising from indirect sources, such as rental paid for a temporary home to wait out completion of the renovation – yup, ignored and do not count toward the our estimates. ___________________________ Prefer to watch and listen? The RenoTalk Show has it covered! ___________________________ Property Type Property types affect the cost of renovation primarily in two ways: (i) Size (which require more materials, time and labour to complete) (ii) Land and property price valuation (generally becoming more expensive the closer the property is to a city centre). The table below summaries the average cost of renovation by type of property. Type of Property Size (in square meters) Cost to renovate (RM) Condominium / Serviced Apartments 100 – 120 40,000 - 150,000 Terraced 150 – 200 (2-storey), <= 300 (3-storey) 60,000 – 250,000 Semi-detached 300 - 400 100,000 – 300,000 Bungalow > 400 150,000 – 600,000 *property types are primarily distinguished by size. The wide variation can be explained by materials cost and land/property price valuation. A double-storey terraced house. Design by Kava Décor, an interior designer in Johor Bahru. Graphic render of three-storey semi-detach houses. _________________________________________________ Discover the Best Interior Design in Malaysia. _________________________________________________ Renovation Cost Breakdown Flooring Flooring Type Cost per square foot (RM) Parquet (e.g. Merbau) 10 - 30 Vinyl 4.5 – 12.0 Carpet 4.5 – 15.0 Tiles 9 – 60 *Flooring makes up a large proportion of the costs involved in a complete renovation. Also, ask around for promotions and special offers whenever possible. Parquet flooring. Design courtesy of De Space Interior Design, an interior designer in Johor Bahru. Marble tiling. Plumbing Plumbing Service (installation) Cost (RM) Water Heater 250 Sink and Tap 300 Flushing Toilet / Toilet Bowl 400 A bathroom with sink and tap, flushing toilet and bathtub. Electrical Service (installation) Cost (RM) Power Point 70 - 100 Lighting Point 40 - 90 Two-Way Switch 180 *Electrical work requires additional hacking and plastering to conceal wiring behind walls, both for safety and aesthetic purposes (hacking = RM20/sqf). Ask your electrician if this service is included in the price. Feature Walls Feature walls are decorative elements that are added to a home and serve as focal points for themed renovations. Today, homeowners can choose from a range of different products and designs to fully customize their feature walls to fit in with their chosen theme. A feature wall could be anything, ranging from a simple coat of paint to expensive and elaborate laminates and veneers. Regular wallpapers bridge the gap between costs and aesthetics, with 3D wallpapers substantially raising the bar with designs that look and feel like different materials, including stone and brick. Feature Wall Element Cost per square foot (RM) Notes Feature Painting 40 Feature paintings are elaborate artistic designs painted onto walls and are not to be confused with regular painting. Plywood Laminate 80 Decorative Stone Veneer 10 - 30 3D Wallpaper 3.5 – 4.0 Compared to painting, wallpapers are slightly cheaper and generally more durable. Downside is it is easily damaged by water and moisture exposure – a problem posed by high humidity in Malaysia. Air-conditioning can resolve the issue of high humidity. Standard Painting 3.6 – 4.0 Inexpensive and reliable, wall painting is still a popular way of protecting and decorating walls. Decorative Stone Veneer by Taishi. Carpentry *Prices reflect custom carpentry built-to-order by carpenters and carpentry workshops. Purchasing your furniture off-the-shelf is often cheaper, but custom furniture can be designed and built to perfectly fit interior spaces – like a bedroom wardrobe that goes all the way up to the ceiling to maximize space and make the room look more spacious. Furniture Type Cost per foot run (RM) TV Cabinet 150 - 300 Shoe Cabinet 300 - 500 Kitchen Cabinet 100 - 300 Kitchen Countertop Solid: 150 – 200 Granite: 250 – 400 Quartz: 150 – 400 Wood: ~ 200 Wardrobe 350 - 600 Study Table 200 - 300 Custom wardrobe. Carpentry by De Space Interior Design. Custom shoe cabinet. Carpentry by De Space Interior Design. _______________________________________ Need help building the perfect TV cabinet for you living room? Find a good Interior Designer in Johor Bahru to help you! _______________________________________ Plaster False Ceiling False ceilings are used to conceal wiring, plumbing and pipes that run across the ceiling of homes. They are often made from plaster which offers the advantages of affordability and versatility (Why a Plaster Ceiling? – Types of Plaster Products, Advantages and Applications). Plaster Services Cost (RM) Notes Installation of False Ceiling (Plaster) 2 – 5 per square foot Light Troughs 7 – 30 per foot run Light troughs are used to sheath lighting and modify its lighting properties e.g. to create dramatic, directed lighting (spotlight effect) and reduce scattering effects for more relaxing and conducive spaces.
  12. The Summerscape Luxury Condonium built for a small family with a total area of 2713 square feet, designed as per the owner's preferences. Simple and elegant, contemporary and luxurious, the Summerscape Luxury Condominium demonstrates what purposeful use of quality materials and design sense can achieve. Design by De Space Interior Design. Living Room Master bedroom Clothes shelf. Bedroom bookshelf. Shoe shelves and cabinets. _________________________ Find a friendly and reliable Interior Designer in Johor Bahru ? _________________________
  13. A contractor was ordered to pay RM25,000 in compensation after being found guilty of attempting to scam a homeowner of her house renovation in Masai. Claimant, Kym Leong, 35, successfully won the case against her contractor when its representative failed to show up for the hearing, reported The Star. However, tribunal president Rashidah Abu Bakar explained that it was the tribunal’s jurisdiction to order a maximum of RM25,000 compensation – just half of the RM47,504 requested by the claimant. The contractor stands to face criminal charges for failure to pay the claim within 14 days of the tribunal’s decision. According to Leong, a bank manager, the contractor she hired to renovate her new house went missing and became uncontactable after she had paid in excess of 90% of the total renovation costs. "I started engaging the contractor in June last year and made the first payment on the same month." Leong also added that, "A total of RM74,172 was paid in the span of six months since he started working for me as he consistently asked for money to buy materials." Only a total value of RM26,667 of the total renovation cost had been completed before the contractor stopped showing up for work, who also became uncontactable since this January. She later also found out that the contractor had stolen an original window frame, access card and keys to the house. Further reading: Is Your Contractor Cheating You? How to Avoid Scamming Contractors in Malaysia. "Finding" a Reliable Contractor Could Start with You. Scammers and Imposters not Welcome.
  14. The perfect romantic moments with your partner are meant to last a lifetime – and time and again the best way to build those moments is time spent together on vacation at a memorable location. A place where soulmates can enjoy together in luxurious comfort, basking and taking in the beauty of the sights around them and doing enjoyable things together. So if you’re looking for that perfect romantic Airbnb in Malaysia then look no further. Gorgeous, charming and affordable, here are our top 5 romantic Airbnb rentals in Malaysia that are simply perfect for that romantic holiday idea for couples. (1) A Picture-Perfect Airbnb Apartment for Rent in Mid Valley Mall, Johor Bahru (RM87/night for 2-bedroom) A gorgeous romantic apartment for rent in Johor Bahru. Superbly furnished, sparkling clean and equipped with a breath-taking infinity pool, jacuzzi, sauna, gym, BBQ pit and children’s playground, it has room for 10 guests (3 bedrooms, 5 beds and 2 bathrooms). WiFi, cable TV (Netflix), clothes iron and shared washer make up its other amenities - definitely one of the best romantic Airbnb in Malaysia anyone could recommend. Clearly the owner of this Airbnb has taken some tips on how to build the perfect Airbnb room. In addition to excellent customer, it’s also pretty affordable priced – at RM87 per night for the 2-bedroom suite and RM138 per night for the 3-bedroom one, it’s quite affordable when compared to a comparable 5-star hotel room. This gem of a honeymoon location is a 5-minute drive from KSL and 10 minutes from CIQ - definitely a candidate for the best airbnb in Malaysia. Superb furnishings and professional interior design make for a luxurious retreat. The very inviting, superbly maintained infinity pool is the perfect setting for any romantic honeymoon. (2) A Seaview Apartment for Rent at Danga Bay, Johor Bahru (RM107/night for 3-bedroom) There’s just something about beaches and romance – and for honeymooners headed for Danga Bay in Johor Bahru, this apartment with a full seaview of the locale paradise is simply magnificent. In addition to many guests complimenting on its amazing seaview, they also talk about how comfortable and clean it is, as well as receiving good Airbnb host reviews! Amenities include (among many other things); high-speed WiFi (fibre optic), flat screen TV on a slim TV cabinet design (with cable TV), air-conditioning, hot-shower, mini-bar and fully-functional kitchen and laundry room. If salty seawater isn’t your thing, you and your partner can take a dip in the Seaview Infinity Pool or sweat it out in one of two of the suite’s gyms. Our only real complaint is that the 3-bedroom apartment is a little big for a couple. The amazing experience and low RM107 price tag, however, far than makes up for it! The master bedroom with the Danga Bay seaview in full sight. A big flat screen TV completes the perfect romantic honeymoon. A clean and fully-equipped bathroom. (3) Couple Nest with Jacuzzi Bathtub, Seaview facing Singapore (RM58/night) Small and comfortable, this small 450 square feet rental apartment is aptly named the “Couple Nest” and is perfect for a romantic couple looking for a good time. It comes complete with a bubble-jet Jacuzzi bathtub, functional kitchen, portable mattress, high speed broadband internet and, of course, air-conditioning. Located at Paragon Suites @ CIQ the place is reachable by foot and is a 5-minute drive to and from JBCC, CitySquare, R&F and Angry Bird Theme Park. A free secured car-park is also available. All of this for just RM58 a night… This 450 square feet apartment for rent was made with one thing in mind: a romantic escape for two. A luxurious bubble jet Jacuzzi pool. (4) Modern MUJI Studio Apartment in Petaling Jaya (RM88/night) Are you more of a city couple with more contemporary preferences? For just RM88 a night, this romantic Airbnb MUJI studio apartment for rent in Petaling Jaya is available for you and your soulmate to enjoy. Could it also be the best Airbnb rental in KL?? Clean and comfortable, what sets this place apart is its living space that’s uniquely designed to revolve around the bedroom (i.e. all its furniture and accessories in the same room around the bed), making it the perfect setup for you and your partner if your idea of a romantic time is a day spent together in and around bed – literally. To further remove you from ever having to go out, the apartment is equipped with a fully functional kitchen and bathroom although you’re going to have to wash your clothes by hand and dry them by the balcony. And, yes, high-speed WiFi and cable TV are also available. Ingeniously designed with almost every household item you need within a few steps, this MUJI apartment for rent is the ideal romantic Airbnb for the couple looking for a good rest. A big TV and comfortable sofa just for you and your romantic partner. (5) Mendung Escape – a little spot of paradise in Borneo (RM250/night, 1-bedroom with 1 bed) IMPORTANT NOTICE: It’s a 700 metres walk up a slopped hill to get to this little spot of paradise (with the closest convenience store around 1.2km away, accessible only by foot). But conquering the first challenge of the Mendung Escape is worth the effort, especially if nature, its gifts and outdoor activities are what you and your partner are looking for. Tucked away in a tiny spot in the vast Borneo rainforest, this staycation in Malaysia is surrounded by natural beauty; the sanctuary of its evergreen trees, cool natural rivers and streams and adventure trails. Just don’t forget to bring insect repellant to keep those pesky bugs away (or make your own tannin or lemongrass insect repellent using ingredients from the rainforest itself…). Outdoor bathtub surrounded by nature. With more amenities than a treehouse. _________________________________ Further reading: How to get that Fairytale Look You've Always Wanted