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  1. oh.. ive tried Eumora for my collagen regen instead.. haha.. it does work for me.. you shoudl try it..
  2. like i said.. lol.. if u guys wanna show ppl u r not tt old, u can try eumora to bing back ur youth.. lol.. i tried it myself.. skin tightens in 3 mins.. ps.. this is not an advertisement, its a recommendation.. lol..
  3. lol...izzit? so cute.. eh.. y suddenly everybody so quiet?
  4. Woohoo.. then jie jie muz b v pretty lo.. lol..
  5. i take it as a no lo.. lol.. this is being introduced to me recently.. It is a facial bar that has a result in 3 mins.. i try liao.. i even let my parents and my sister to try.. all proven to have excellent results
  6. hmm.... true enough.. hehe.. Jie Jie.. got anyone intro u Eumora b4?
  7. Haha... ok jie jie... ASk u ar.. where is the best place to stay(HDB) in SGP?
  8. Im using Eumora... Heard of it b4? lol.. my eye bag's gone.. i look younger and skin **** smooth tt i cannot stop touching though stil left some small pimples.. lol.. you guys should try it too man..
  9. Hi Jie jie.. dun tink u looked so old rite? lol.. Winkles nv come out not counted as auntie ma.. my mother than can call auntie.. lol..
  10. Hi peeps, i tink you guys should try out Eumora sia.. tt time my fren intro me.. so i blur blur try on half of the face lo.. then to my surprise my eye bag gone in 3 mins after usage sia.. woo.. i tink you people should try.. get the ugly dark eye bags gone..
  11. Hi Ladies, were you guys talking abt collagen regeneration? hehe.
  12. Hi SweetPears, Ever heard of Moor treatment?
  13. What is this collagen thing? can explain?