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  1. We like to find out about your interior design style. Interior Design Theme For Dummies – An Extensive Guide To The Most Popular Interior Design Themes Used In Singapore Interior design is an extensive commitment that requires you to oversee a number of various ventures, but the most difficult of them remains selecting a particular theme for your home. The ‘theme’ refers to an interior design style that would define the overall aesthetic of your renovation. So further, we’ve compiled an extensive list of the most popular interior design styles used in Singapore. 1. Contemporary The contemporary style is a mixture of all the styles from the past that have culminated into the present. It includes touches of classical, traditional, baroque and renaissance with a huge overlay of modernism in the mix. It is both sleek but also neo-traditional with occasional touches of bold colors and sleek materials to inspire the modern sensibilities. It features fluid lines with no hard-and-fast rules on straightness and simplicity. It’s a style that is bold, impactful and straightforward at the same time. 2. Industrial The industrial style is inspired from the run-down ambiance of commercial buildings like warehouses and factories. As such, it features a raw, organic appeal that is very distressed and shabby chic at the same time. There is a huge emphasis on the dull colors like greys and browns. All the textures used in such interior designs are understated while the mood that is being aimed for is moody yet chic at the same time. Industrial style materials like corrugated sheets, distressed wood and metallic accents make up the bulk of the aesthetic while track lights, Edison bulbs and other trendily run-down light fixtures are used to accentuate most of the design features. 3. Rustic The rustic style emulates a timeworn, comfortable and cozy ambiance that features a huge amount of wooden textures with an emphasis on warm colors. A rustic interior design also features some exposed structural elements like faux timber beams and columns. The modernized version of this style emulates sleeker materials like laminates and tiles. However, the ultimate goal is to make the space seem as cozy as possible so a warm color palate with dim, gold and warm temperature lighting has become a quintessential for the articulation of this style. 4. Modern The modern style used to be a soulless monstrosity, but these days’ designers have found a way to make it more humane. Today, it is translated with the help of neutral colors, minimal furnishings, spacious layouts and clean design. There is always an emphasis on the use of natural light in a modern interior design. Functionality and ergonomics are just as important as pleasant aesthetics. Straight lines are the most common interpretation and efficiency is always at the root of all design considerations. 5. Scandinavian Simple, elegant and understated, the Scandinavian style is an ode to the Nordic themes. It features a mostly wood and white color palate with wide overtones of natural light and contrasting accessorizing. The furniture used in this interior design style is almost sculptural in its formation and complements the elegant color/material scheme stunningly. The layout is mostly open and spacious while the décor consists of both natural as well as the occasional pop of colors. 6. Transitional The transitional style is a mixture of traditional and modern. It’s literally the somewhere-in-between on the ambiguous end of the design spectrum. It features lightly warm colors with a simple, plain and straightforward backdrop. The furniture is usually very plush, but looks completely harmonized when set against the backdrop of sleek, modernized materials. It’s an interior design style that is pretty dichotomous in its appeal and synthesizes modernism and tradition really well. 7. Retro All that comes under the retro style is inspired by the second half of the twentieth century. Everything from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s has been firmly encapsulated in this single style. It features a nostalgic value coupled with some hot trends of the precious century. You can emulate the retro style in your interior design by using bold colors, vintage furniture, kitschy patterns, Laura Ashly prints, chintz upholstery, space-age style furniture and some pop-art style statement art pieces. 8. Bohemian Better known as the ‘Boho Chic’ aesthetic, the bohemian style is high on the individuality and low on the rules. It’s a freestyle, organic aesthetic that features vintage furniture, rattan furnishings, knit accessories and bold colors mixed with neutral tones. The decoration used in this interior design style is very unique – think dangly Moroccan lanterns, oriental rugs with flow patterns, indoor plants and wooden accents. The overall visuals of this style are very cluttered, but in a comfortable and cozy way. 9. Shabby Chic The Shabby Chic style is a feminine version of the typical vintage style. The dominant color palates include pastels and powdered down versions of conventional colors. There is a distinct emphasis on an artfully rumpled, run-down aesthetic that is achieved through distressed finishes and materials. The touches of femininity in this interior design style are added through delicate accessories and the occasional dry arrangement. The furniture is either very mid-century modern or vintage in style and the overall ambiance is down-to-earth and soothing. 10. Minimal Minimalism is a way of life, and as a result, this interior design style has become a much appreciated darling of the design world. The idea of the minimalist style is to imbue a sense of calm serenity and Zen in the space by cutting down unessential objects from your life. The furnishings and décor used to articulate this aesthetic are extremely plain and straightforward. Nothing is ever frou-frou or extra – each and every object is there by necessity. It’s spacious with large, smooth surfaces and a neutral color palate to complete the look. So these are some of the most common and fan-favorite interior design styles. We hope the diversity helps you pick the best one for your own home renovation. Are you looking to renovate? Get a free 3D Drawing for every floor plan submitted. *T&C apply.
  2. Wandervale, the newest Executive Condominium located in Choa Chu Kang has TOP. Have you gotten your keys? Do share with us your renovation journey and ideas on personalising your new abode Share with us your 2D floor plan to get a free 3D interior design drawing. Limited to 50 per month. Terms & Conditions Apply. Submit your interest to https://renotalk.com/renovation-packages ?
  3. Yes. For me I regretted it because I had wallpaper peeling off due to the moisture from the shared wall between the toilet and the master bedroom
  4. Currently there seems to be more of this incidents lately. Check out https://renotalk.com/professionals/article/beware-the-popping-tile-phenomenon-in-singapore
  5. Reliability is of utmost priority when selecting an interior designer for your dream home. To celebrate our CaseTrust-RCMA accreditation and partnership with RenoTalk, Darwin Interior will be offering a special deal exclusively to RenoTalk users! Sweet Home Package - Includes Premium Vinyl Flooring (with safest E0 emission standards) - 100% deposit guarantee approved by CaseTrust-RCMA - Package prices that already include GST - Free Upgrade to Quartz - Free Rinnai Hob & Hood with renovations above $30,000 - Price further reduced from our original packages - Free all risk insurance during the renovation term Call us for a non-obligatory quotation or to receive the full package details at 6396 8558 or contact us at sales@darwininterior.com.sg
  6. Thanks for sharing! look forward to more updates.
  7. Hi northblue, above Like this, there is this < sign besides the checkbox, you can click. or https://www.facebook.com/sharer/sharer.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.renotalk.com%2Fforum%2Ftopic%2F76457-renotalk-gathering-for-new-homeowners%2F Will you be coming? Hope to see you there https://goo.gl/forms/bxynqiEesapQD2ab2
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  9. I am also a resident of 656# too. Nice to know now the units have been taken up after so many years of being neighbourless. hee!
  10. Mery

    Japan Anyone?

    Paid around $2100 Just returned! I would say very fun!!! You can get to try wasabi ice cream over there too
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    Japan Anyone?

    Oh. I just hope for a fine weather. Hi chew, If you want to see snow falling from the sky in Feb. The place to go is Sweden, Norway....more towards the Scandinavian part. But can be very very cold. can drop to -20 degree celsius
  12. Went to the Travel preview fair last weekend and book the Chan Brothers 7 days trip to Japan. Have anyone been to Japan early september? Visit places like Kyoto, Osaka, Tokyo. What's the weather like in early sept and if the autumn have started?
  13. Hi HKS_GR, Appreciate if you can cool it off. Let's make this place a happy one. We do not allow personal attacks and fights in our forums and going by the Terms Of Use and guidelines, we will have to suspend your account.