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  1. Hello do you mind PM me for your electrician contact? Thanks!

  2. I have one used 5 tiers rack for sale. It's boltless, from thian lee...refer to www.thianlee.com.sg the model is 45x120 F1 height 180cm good for storeroom or bomb shelter. No ply wood, mo insect, no mouldy. New one selling at $240 Seeing it off at $80 Already dismantled and can be carry by normal car with back seat folder down and extend to trunk. Self collect at Marine Parade or I can send to you at extra cost. Email me at alexezekiel@gmail.com if interested.
  3. Does the different type of track matters,? I mean some are $8 per meter, some more expensive like $12 per meter... Any difference?
  4. Hi, may I have your electrician's contact, please? Thanks!

  5. I also need review for this company as I got a quote from them. Anyone used them before?>
  6. Yes, I got recommended by my friend for another project... I need so review of this company too... Anyone can help?
  7. Hi,

    Have not confirm my electrician. Can you give me your contact?

    How's your renovation going on so far? I had just signed a package, looks like all contractor has same problem. After signed, things seem to changed. :o By the way, where did you go for your toiletry shopping?

    Sorry so many question. It's really headache dealing with reno.

    Thanks for your advice.


  8. I was "held ransom" by them! Due to kena "cheated" by ID, we have to find 1 months storage place. YS offers storage for a 15 footer items for $250 a month, much cheaper than self storage. The moving part was $300 for 15 footer. we indicate to shift from storage to new home on 1 Aug, $300 too. Nearer to date, I called to confirm, said I didn't confirm that date. That date was a "good day" and specifically requested by my mum very early and so I would have a firmed confirmation during the moving out from old place. Told me 1Aug full, unless I wanted to move after official hour will cost extra $200, total $500!!! Then I wanted to find alternative movers to move on 1 Aug daytime, YS says cannot, the storage can only be access by their own movers! Great! I was held ransom, either pay extra $200 to move on 1 Aug evening or move other date and risk being scold by my mum due to inauspicious date. then my mum says its ok to move the items one day earlier but we don't stay there. Ok, good news, so I ask YS still got slot on July 31, sunday, she said yes. how much ? $300, original price...but only got final schedule of the day, 4-6pm... and final slot cost extra $50.... so do I pay? Do I have any choice now??
  9. Hi, Got extra 9x 7.4W square (model:67053) and 4x 9W round (model:44083) PLease email me if interested. alexezekiel@gmail.com
  10. Does anyone of you who have done up vinyl flooring, feel the vinyl like a bit thin when walk on it? Also got the feel like the floor is very uneven. It's not like walking on a solid surface.
  11. I'm using them now... let's see how it turns out before I can make any comment.
  12. Hi, Just to share a good electrician worked for my unit full restoration of electrical wiring. Cost less than 4k. he charge by per item: single power point $50 double power point $55 light point $30 heater/AC point $100 install light $10 He might not be the cheapest, but his workers workmanship is commendable. And he is quite responsive when requesting for changes, giving ideas.
  13. Just to share, completed my 4-room resale, fully re-wired whole unit, I got:- 35 lighting point, 3 ceiling fan installation, 20 lights installation, 21 double power point, 6 2-way light switch, 1 Starhub point, 6 single power point, 2 heater point, 1 aircon point, 1 hob point, 1 DB box. All for less close to $4k. job done properly and was recommended to me by someone in another forum. No SP testing required for job done in my unit. PM me if you need more info
  14. Hi, Consider I am going to fully hack away the old tiles (reduce risk of popping in future), are the cost of laying back homogenous tiles (say $3.20 tiles) or using vinyl flooring going to be the same or which one cost more? After hacking the old tiles, do they need extra cement screeding for tile or vinyl? cos I notice some contractor quote only one item for laying of tiles but for vinyl, were 2 items (cement screeding and laying of vinyl) thanks