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  1. as my window grill is protruding out. so u mean the bed frame lean agaist the window grill the table put at the right side.
  2. i am now stuck with where to place a small study table in my son room. the bed have a pull out bed at the bottom(incase my son fall off bed) two small square near the window is the power plug http://i1377.photobucket.com/albums/ah65/skoras/Untitled_zps80fc78be.jpg
  3. http://imageshack.com/a/img903/9190/YmcrKc.jpg
  4. need to know how u all place children red, cupboard and desk in the bedroom My son bedroom is next to the study room, toilet opp study room. door facing near toilet Any advice
  5. http://tinypic.com/r/cknko/8 it is on the ceiling.. i think may be concrete
  6. previously 8 years back move to my new house and did a fengshui on my hse. But as last time my Fengshui person did not advice me on much my son room(during that time we told him be a guest room), so this time round is it silly to engaged different fengshui master (anyone to intro) to just check on my son room any to recommand
  7. HI, i notice that my ceiling is crack, the painter actually mention that need to scrub out before can apply the filling back again. As he is not an expect in this, he apply some 'plaster'on it to cover it back but got one part of crack.. anyone can advice who can i seek for help
  8. can i have alex contact also
  9. mi also had a clock from them verynice
  10. i now praying hard that nothing goes wrong on my delivery day cox i also bought a bed form them last mth
  11. koras

    Study Table

    o isnt. hmz..cox it seem like seldom place sell glass top study table de mostly is wood
  12. koras


    May i know where can i purchase ladder from
  13. anyone know where can i get frosted glass table or glass type of study table