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  1. A quick compliment for Jason... Jason came to install the glass splashback last Fri himself. Was very happy to see him, as I had some problem installing the curtain rod. Too little clearance was left in the ceiling, after the balcony grilles, and we can't install the IKEA rods. Showed Jason the problem, and he just cut a few more holes for us, and patched it back after we installed the rod. Also got his guy to repaint for us.. We are very pleased with his after service, and are getting him to do a bit more minor works.
  2. Here's my overdue update: Met Jason last Sat.. kekek.. Insisted he come down & look at the final outstanding items, instead of just leaving it to his workers. In the end, Jason finished up the works himself, with another worker, & that took him the whole morning. Anyway, the first thing he said when met me on Sat was.."u posted on internet on outstanding things har?" Long story short, everything done except glass spalshback, which he got the wrong dimensions & need redo this weekend.. hopefully..for rest of items, it's basically open1 eye, close 1 eye for us... We're most satisfied with the carpentry works.. Chatted with Jason, seems like he is quite packed with jobs.. Quite happy that we have gotten Jason to do our reno.. will be getting him o do my mum's pl's minor reno too! In any case, Good Luck to all on your reno!
  3. Thanks for the info! I called Everjoint again, and they refused to give me any further discount for the items (Elba dryer, Bosch washer & fridge) and I needed to pay additional $40 for stacking kit. Anyway, they didnt have the stock for the washing machine & fridge.. Eventually, I ordered my items from Goh Ah Bee. Slightly cheaper than Everjoint (after adding cost of stacking kit).. GAB packaged the price of dryer at $415, but inclusive of dryer)..
  4. Hi Friday 055, When did you buy the Elba dryer? I was quoted $379 by Everjoint.. Was the final price given any further discount? Mr Lee kept asking me to go down to shop, but it's kinda far for me (I stay in Bt Batok), unless he definitely can give me a discount.. Am also getting Bosch washer WAS 18160 ($909) and Fisher Paykel Fridge E521T ($1159).. Cheers,
  5. Sharing my recent expericence on installation of blum... keke... insisted Jason install blum runners for the kitchen cabinet, had to top up although I had indicated upfron I wanted blum. Used blum for kitched deep drawers & normal ones.. very nice. Cheaper than using full Blum drawers. As for the tall units, Jason said that Blum dun have the width required by us, so he modified with wooden drawers that are fully extendable.. tot its a affordable solution! Not as good looking as Blum, but hidden behind the tall unit doors... works as well for me. So please tell Jason what are your needs, I think he can modify to suit, rather than using entire set of Blum drawer We added non-slam clip on every door, just a simple clip on 1 of the hinge, & viola! no more sound effect on angry days! Btw, u can get blum at Shanghai Tong Lee at Textile Centre.. not very frenly to retail walkin customers though...
  6. Am back again with more feedback on Jason, perhaps I am the few with such problem... Anyway, think Jason has been very busy with new jobs, wanted to meet him on Tue, and he was still with customer in Boon Keng at 1130pm! We started reno on 30 Jul, and should have completed in 3/4 weeks & there are still outstanding minor works, lik changing floor traps, shifting of sanitary wares till now. Have been asking him to do it since more than 2 weeks ago, and still not done.. actually quite disappointed. jason's worksmanship and attitude have been good so far.. so this last lap kinda spoil the experience.. Last thing.. his workers made HOLES on my living room marble, so many that even my partime helper noticed! Still unresolved! Hopefully, can wrap this all up asap.. but I would suggest that whoever using Jason to insist on the completion/handing over date, and make Jason keep to it..
  7. Finally went through the renovations with Jason! (still a few minor outstanding items to finish up). Wanted to share my experience with Jason, just my little way of contributing to this very useful forum. Sorry, very long post... 1. Jason has been quite responsive, usually can contact him easily. 2. accommodating .- we were rushing for works to complete before 7th month, n he is trying to finish off major works first before we shift our furniture & boxes in. Big mistake! Works can't finish in time, our items have to be moved around many times by his workers.. no complaints from Jason, but my husband insisted it slowed his works.. 3. Jason wont try to recommend fanciful stuff etc, n get u to do extra things, spend more $... Met 2 other contractors initally, n both gave more expensive n fanciful solutions. Jason gave us a practical solution & at no extra cost. Eg he also kept dissuading us from using Corian, be'cos more expensive. 4. Jason gave us contact details of aircon, grilles etc so that we engage them directly n save some cost. for our grilles contractor, in the end Jason helped to coordinate the works even though we engage them direct. 5. We were very clear about the design & what we wanted. Would advise that you should be sure of what you want if engaging Jason, or for that matter, any contractor, as there is limited design input from them. Be very specific to Jason about what you want. He may understand it differently. Eg our wardrobe doors, he just asked us to choose the laminate. End product was with clear glass & a middle strip of laminate. Quite different from what we wanted, but he was able to change it for us without additional charge to us.. 5. Project management - be prepared to do the entire project management. It was a breeze when we renovated 1st home whtough ID designer. With Jason, I had to call him almost every day, to check what was done, and tell him what else outstanding/ problem with the previous day's reno. Husband & I went to check the renovation every day. Couple of times, Jason's workers didnt close the balcony doors, n my furniture risked getting all wet. 6. Schedule - If you are on tight timeline, please emphasie to Jason & make sure he commit to a handover date. Ours went beyond quite a few times. It was rather frustrating 'cos we thought it could have been finished earlier .. 6. Jason's not very calculative, but do compare the quotations from him & other contractors. Jason is doing a couple of extra stuff for us without additional cost. Btw, am not advertising for Jason... just sharing my experience.. Anywa, good luck to all on your reno! Yippee, mine's finally done!
  8. Decided to share my experience on Yick Hong Aluminium (WIndow Grilles contractor). Initially I approached the popular Well*** (Er**) for quote for my balcony grilles, yard area window grilles, and wrough iron gate, n was quoted $2.6k. My contractor (Jason from U&B Reno) gave me his window contractor, Yick Hong's contact to get a quote directly so that will be cheaper than through Jason. Anyway, was quite comfortable with Alex from Yick Hong, when he came for measurements n quote (quoted me $2.5k). Decided to engage Yick Hong though not much difference in price with Well***. I had asked Alex to help check the window handles & help change if any fautly/ loose. With his own initiative, Alex changed the set in the children room to handles with locks! I was very pleasantly surprised! He also didnt charge us for any additional cost for the handles, ~12 nos in total. I also asked him to check for my mum's place and change all the remaining ones in my new pl. Of course, paid him for the handles etc. We are definitely quite happy that we got Alex to do the window grilles job for us!
  9. the glossy cabinets n carpentry all no problem. Very pleased with the work.. only problem is tat cos used white glossy for kitchen cabinet, the edge of the doors are visible (black joining lines).. Havent had chance to talk to Jason about it yet. Took some pics of the reno, will post after I try to upload them..
  10. For Kitchen cabinet we took Lamitek SHG 1091, and WY4213S. both glossy. MBR wardrobe: Sliding doors - Evershine G5-64-PG; hinged doors - Lamitek A4 9100PG Will try take some pics this weekend... carpentry still not done.. Everynite (after kids sleep) poor me & hubby will go n inspect the reno work/ progress, n poor Jason will get a call from me the next morning... hopefully everyday will finish by Mon as he promised.
  11. we took glossy for the kitchen cabinet, very nice! hopefully no maintenance issue in future. waiting for Jason to finish the works today..
  12. Hi Supersimon27, What's your method? Get the best price n ask Harvey Norman to match? Thanks for any advice!
  13. No pictures yet... waiting for dear Jason to finish the carpentry, will post in Jason's thread after he's done this weekend..keke.. husband & I taking turns to call him everyday..
  14. Hi chip & dale, Looks like we are looking for similar things... kekek.. we got the Mitsubishi Heavy Industrial thru Hongtar, cheapest so far.. Jason's contractor Ah Pok gave us a higher quote. We are getting a Samsung Series 6, F&P fridge, Bosch washer(changed my mind about Electrolux cos Bosch saves more water) probably getting a Elba dryer ($400 only), .. Everjoint & Goh Ah Bee gave the best quotes so far...
  15. Hi Homemaster, you've got a nice Love Nest! I used to stay in BP too (Senja)...now, Jason's renovating my pl at Hillview..