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  1. thomson ,brandt, electrolux have ,6 kg is the common size $800 plus to $1100 ,thomson have 8 but the price 13++ you can go to parisilk at katong saw a few models goin on promtion ..
  2. http://zuunbo.files.wordpress.com/2008/05/pdt080509_1.jpg
  3. Hi all have this item brand new .In box selling at $65 only usual $ 188 got it in a lucky draw and siting in the storeroom http://zuunbo.files.wordpress.com/2008/05/pdt080509_1.jpg. Interested pls pm me thank you . HI HAVE THIS CAMERA USED TWICE . http://www.sony.com.sg/product/dsc-tx1/sku/dsc-tx1_p+++e32 PRICE $300 IN BOX AND YET TO LOG IN FOR WARRANTY .. Interested pls pm me thank you .
  4. I tink very few ppl using tis model i think its always better to go for euro branding as they tend to last longer .
  5. mit******* fridge compressor is made by panasonic matsu****a a part of pansonic department since donkey years . Its juz that not all the brand have to have all they parts made by themself ,out source might be good as well .Same goes for led panels makers big company like s**y also buys from sam***g . Not a big deal to make a dent in the muilt millon dollars sales COMPANY LIKE MIT*******...
  6. looking for a ID can be tough REM do your OWN research abit and look for 3 quotes and above in order to get the best deal out of it but be resonable la haha . i asked for 8 quotes before i sign & i actually ask if they have any projects which is 80% complete that i can take a look and have a feel of their worksmanship ..So far so good and i stay init for 6 mth and he still he still reply to my call and ques after 6 mths and that's what i call responsibilty!! pm me for contact if you want some help cheers
  7. YES PLs buy from sg ,prices really not much of a diff i belive $599 u can get a set hob and hood brand new and come with local warranty . fan i can understand as is 50% cheaper but not so much for hob hood oven or fridges. juz my 2 cents advise
  8. the thermal sensor is made to feel the temperature of the house and adjust the speed of the fan faster or slower ..
  9. haha i check he said no gift rock bottom cash price ..with foc i tink he said need to add some $ pls call the above num my inbox cant take too much pm
  10. the fridge was deliver with the tv today look damm class !!$3950 my fren juz bought RB6200 glass black @ katong ........ and samsungua55es8000 @4988
  11. no need wait juz buy its one of the best seeling models for plasma !!!
  12. Yes no worries it can be done all you need is a stacking kit that is adjustable and it can sit onto the washer .
  13. try pm terry 87 he the bosch person to go to
  14. First of all have you ever been into any reno stuff before? Cause i can tell you from my DEC reno its not easy to settle A reno without a ID or a contractor that can handle all the stuffs you mention above. Therefor do get a ID that is able to help you & your wallet & do not sign with any expo company unless you are 100% sure to get a deal with them even there is the free 3D drawning OF OTHERS FREEBIES cause you will be drawn by the design instead of what you really wants to be done in your simple reno .Just my 2 cent of advise if u need intro u might wan to pm me as my reno was done 6 mth ago and everytihing still going well "touch wood "
  15. http://www.kdk.com.sg/Cfans_M60SG.html hope this link can help.