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  1. Hihi, Can you please also PM me this supplier's contact ? Need to do one Water in toilet splashing everywhere! Thanks much!! ------------------------ I wonder is the prices reasonable? Wall-wall toilet glass shower screen: 1. Fixed Glass Panel with swing glass door - $396.00 2. Fixed Glass Panel only - $ 198.00 Toilet door 3. Aluminum bi-folding door - $120 Time required: half day Installation: $50 per installation * quote directly from supplier
  2. Thanks much for sharing Guess what, me still havent buy... thinking in the end, just buy from ever+joint.... 393+65 for installation... cause I simply cannot find one electrician who will install the fan... most charging me like 100++ .... expensive... haiz... no choice lo I think in the end...
  3. But how did you fix it to your ceiling? Got contractor to do for u? If yes, can pm me the price and contact?
  4. Fan is $393 but need to pay $65 for installation....
  5. Cool! I saw this wall mural thing at creativemural.com ... am tempted to buy that and DIY...
  6. Anyone can help? Can pm me or send email to kepy@live.com. Thanks much!
  7. Those people who install films should be able to help you ah. My resale flat de, my ID got the cleaners who do those chemical cleaning ones, to do for us.
  8. Hihi, We only have one side of the living room door to do wallpaper. Four room hdb flat. Anyone has a free lancer contact who can do the installation for us? We have a limited budget that's why cannot afford those company represented ones. Pls help recommend. Thanks so much! Kepy
  9. I couldn't find time to go into JB to buy then was scared off by all those non-warranty lah... installation safety lah... all that... in the end, going to buy from *spam in AMK.... cheapest by far... $390 for the V60...
  10. The cheapest I found in SG was S$390 at AMK. But I called YES today and they told me it's RM$555. Cheaperrrrrrr by quite a lot!
  11. Thanks so much!! So helpful!! Esp. with the pics! Definitely going JB to buy! Thanksssssss!
  12. Okay. Will do so. V60WK right? Thats the one I want to get! We don't drive de... wonder if can take cab out... did you get taxed when you pass custom? I heard that they will tax ??
  13. Thank you very much! I think I shall visit JB this weekend to go see see.
  14. Hi all, We just got a new place. HDB. Need to install ceiling fan. Found this model that we like. KDK V60WK. Anyone knows where to get the cheapest deal? Thanks! Kepy