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  1. Hello xlan, pm-ed you. Anmd congrats on your pregnancy!
  2. Hello happy, can i have the contact too? the same thing is happening to the tap in the common bathroom. argh!! Thanks!
  3. hmmm.. opened 4D once before la.. but only once. hahaha. hmm.. we think our neighbour is not doing it intentionally la, but we thought of using a small mirror to counterback. hahaa. but if like that, mabbe we shouldnt... hmm. haha.
  4. Hi all, need some advice.. my neighbour staying directly opposite my new house has a a full panel of mirror facing their main door, and our main door. Is it bad for us?
  5. Hello ling, have a great time at the states! Take care!
  6. All your lights are very nice! *Envious* Couldnt buy our tiffany lamp due to budget. for my next house i'll learn from u, buy from US
  7. Hello all, check with you, for those who retained the toilet sinks installed by HDB, do you realise that when u take out the sticker / plastic layer for the stopper, the sticker is unable to come out completely and nicely. as in, there will be some remaining blue plastic at the side of the stopper. how do you get rid of the remaining plastic? am quite irritated by the sight of it. haha.
  8. Hello happy! the effect of your foyer light is very nice!
  9. Hello Jessie I engaged The Cottage Craft. A few more pictures... Shoe cabinet (cum display cabinet on top) Holes to allow Ventilation for the shoes Foyer light Ceiling Fan Realise we overestimated the amount of things we want to display. We have too many display cabinets / shelves now, with nothing much to display. And so... it means.. more money needs to be spent. Sad case. haha. Am thinking of buying some items from ebay, but am concerned if the items will reach Singapore 'intact'. Shall see which items i like enough to take this risk.
  10. Hello ling hmm.. think it's ok as long as the design of the fabric is the same or matching. seem to have seen something like that in a magazine b4. in fact, i think it'll be nicer to have roman blinds beside full curtains than to have 2 sets of curtains. This is what i feel la. Hehe. =)
  11. Hello neighbour! =) Am also from blk 26C. Nice tiles there!
  12. Thanks all . Just got my final bill last Friday, and was quite surprised it worked out to be $23k+ for my reno (excluding window grilles cos we got someone else to do it). We thought it would be about 27k. *phew* Hi bebebe, the chandelier costs $285. We like the colour of the chandelier and lamp shade alot. But we realise the crystals look abit...hmm.. fake. hahahaha. like, when like shines into the crystals, they dont have those rainbow effect. haha. And yup, our MBR wardrobe is custom made. cos there is a recess area in our MBR, so thought it would be better to custom make to fit the recess area exactly. My uncle is going to help do up 1 wardrobe each for the kids room and the study room.. would prob arrange with him to take measurements this coming or next weekend. And hubby and I saw this dining set in Picket and Rail today that we really like... @#($*)*^ but we bought our dining set liao. Anyone interested in wooden dining set? hahahaha.
  13. Hello happy, mine is solid top Hello warsurfer, thanks . the dining bench is custom made, i got the the dining table and chairs from courts. $299. hahahaha. For the curtains, i'm not sure who i'll get it from eventually, still b/w cottage crafts and this old uncle recommended by a friend. I am thinking of doing valance or curtains for my kitchen, but i'm thinking about the hassle of washing it often cos i think it'll smell after i cook. Really envy you..can get home sewn curtains. My MIL knows how to do it, but she's too busy helping to take care of my kids and her kids to help out. would prob be shifting in in mid-end May. Have not confirmed the date yet. gotta seek fsm advice again.
  14. Dining area chandelier TV console TV console drawer handle Feature wall wallper and cornice MBR wardrobe MBR wardrobe full length mirror and reflection of my gal MBR wardrobe handle (top cabinet) Kitchen