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  1. Guys, never never pay full payment....if someone asked you to pay full payment, go look for other shops.
  2. Hi, how much you charge if I want to change 2 basin taps and 1 bath tap?
  3. Congrat. Your house is beautiful. The coffee shop has just open ya. How about the supermarket? Btw, I am staying at Jalan Membina...
  4. Thanks buddy. You have the address? I need to replace my ceiling fan...it generate no power...(I dont know why)...sigh!
  5. Hello....I saw your matt black amasco fan, is it powerful? What is the cost? THanks ya...
  6. Hi you may look for Gina 98533126, from Mr Lim from Jalan Membina, she will give you a good discount. Good Luck.

  7. Hi ,

    I am looking for a contractor who can also provide some ID services. Do you have any to recommend?

    Came across you in the forums.

    Help very much appreciated!

  8. Hi I'm looking for a ID, can share me your ID contact ?

  9. I agreed wth you. 11. Learn as much as possible within and outside your job scope. You never know one day, you will be notice by your boss for your initiative and responsibility person.
  10. Same boat. Once I have a beautiful wall, now, it has been repaint by my children. Chair legs got marker pen drawing too. Doors got stickers...all sort of children world. Luckily my reno keep to the min due to this issue. Cheers!
  11. Hi Alister, until now I still have not yet visit you and your wife. How is your children getting on?
  12. Me too, I am not sure which unit doing overhaul.... Thinking of changing my toilet tiles....
  13. What is the remedy if supposing you was constantly being backstabb, manager dont like you everyday create?trouble/problem for you?
  14. Hi Red, mine dont have any sliding door...sorry....how is it? Changed already?