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  1. I have $110 Lorenzo vouchers to let go..it's only valid till 28 Oct 08. Willing to let go at $20. Anyone interested? I got it last year when i purchased my furnitures.
  2. Does the stalls at Alexandra Village Hawker Centre open on Public holidays for lunch?
  3. Hi, Can I just clarify...the activation from starhub is only for ppl watching cable tv? If I didn't sign up for SCV and only watch local channels (Ch5,8,U,CNA) do i need to get them to come? Will it make my local channels clearer? How much they charge for that?
  4. Thanks for all the replies on the book lice..... realised i'm the only one who has it.... It's quite hard to spot...at first glance it looks like a speck of dust, then when that speck starts moving..then i realised it's book lice... i dun hv many books in the house...farny thing is they dun appear near my few books... They can appear on my toilet vanity top, on the toilet floor, on my desk, on the wall, in the wardrobe.... And it's not a big group crawling together, it's usually 1 or 2 here and there... From Alister's info, looks like they also can be found in "newly-constructed dwellings containing uncured green lumber or plastered walls". You guys should start looking out for them...they are small but irritating Heard that u need to use a dehumidifier to get rid of them, as they "feed on microscopic mold and mildew associated with high-humidity conditions".
  5. Hi neighbours.. For those who have moved in, do you'll see book lice around the house? Esp on carpentry or floor... realised that my house is quite humid so such book lice start coming... !! Wonder if any of u experience this problem or is it just my carpentry.
  6. I got my tv from Best Denki (Ngee Ann City) last monday (5 Nov). Yup $2,099 including 5 yr warranty. I remember seeing it at $2,199 last month too. So it pays to wait. They were having a weekend (3rd-4th Nov) promotion and even though i missed it they still offered the same price to me. They always have promotions so if the rest of u can wait, pls wait and keep a look out. Try to go to Best Denki at Ngee Ann City, i feel that they're more up to date. I went to Best Denki at Bishan and they were telling me abt the free gifts from samsung were either the HTS or the Tv+DVD player. but over at Ngee Ann City, they said still got the option of washing machine or robinsons voucher. And this is the updated list of free gifts.
  7. Hi tension_z, I just saw the 40" R81 at Best Denki (Ngee Ann City) selling at $2,999 last week. The free gifts are the same anywhere u buy the tv coz u need to redeem the gifts from Samsung urself. Best Denki was also throwing in an additional 2 yr warranty on top of the 3 yrs Samsung provides. So 5 yrs warranty! I got the 37" R81 from there at $2,099. Neighbourhood shops like Everjoint sells it at $2,018. Decided to get it from Best Denki instead of Everjoint coz of the 5 yr warranty. The price is always dropping so if u can wait, wait till they have promotion. Best Denki always have promotion price which is not the price they label there. Have to approach the salesman to ask for promotion price.
  8. Oh dear...just a tap only leh..also can look like knife... I feel that her tap looks quite ok and i would hv bought the same tap also if i couldn't find my dream tap... Anyway, it's strawberry_pear's tap, and what is most impt is how she views it and what she choose to believe in... !! I'm quite sure she's not superstitious... You are what you think, negative thoughts won't do us any good so choose to think on the bright side and cut off all negative thoughts!
  9. It's ok..don't hv to chk brand for me... I went down to Lookz & *** on Saturday. Realised that the one u got is different from the one i wanted. I wanted one with a larger handle. Couldn't find it at both shops. End up buying this one at Genova for $145!! But i sure am happy abt this mixer!! Took a long time to find this design!!
  10. Ariston 30 litre (squarish design) should only be $220 at those neighbourhood hardware stores. Please don't pay more than $230 for that.
  11. Oh *** and lookz are 2 different stores ah? So i guess i have to go to both and check. Btw what brand is this mixer? Do they carry their own in-house brand? Coz i saw the 'krisroz' brand mixer that looks exactly the same as yours but it has black lines on the handle. Can't see from the pic if yours has the black stripes. But the Krisroz one is selling at $150 at Hoe Kee!!
  12. One piece of advise for those who wanna make black solid top...scratches will be very obvious. White is harder to maintain if u cook everyday but scratches will not be seen. Maybe can choose those off white colours...
  13. Hey how much did ur common bath mixer/tap cost? I'm looking for the same tap but the short one. Yours is mounted on solid top ya? Mine will be mounted on the sink itself...u know how much they sell the shorter one?
  14. Many of you have been to Lookz at Balestiar ya? Can i check with u'll how much they sell a mixer for bathroom? I'm looking for one with a squarish design. Something like the "06B001" in their catalogue online.
  15. Wah what a detailed write-up! I have something to add as well... After you shortlist the IDs that you are comfortable with, go and view houses they have done or are doing now to see the workmanship of the laying of tiles and the carpentry. I have seen IDs with horrible carpentry. Another reason we should view those houses is also to see if u like the design style of that house which the ID has designed. Becoz quite likely IDs tend towards a certain kind of design and all houses they do will have that similar 'feel'. For eg, an ID might like woodgrain laminates alot..so he will always suggest owners to use that. But not all owners like woodgrain. But of coz, ultimately, u are the owner and can always choose whatever u like for ur house regardless of what the ID suggests.