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  1. Hi Ivy, can I hv the list too? Thanks in advance!
  2. I would suggest u go for 2nd opinion....sometimes stress could affect fertility too....perhaps take a break from all these fertility treatments, go for a trip and try to conceive naturally... I duno hw old u r.....and whether time permits for u to try naturally....bt if time dun permits, go for a 2nd opinion.... Dr SF Loh from KKH or Prof Wong from NUH are both top notch fertility docs...perhaps u can give a try and decide wat to do next? Hope this helps!
  3. Hi rayhwz, Did yr gynae tels u y the IUI din turns out well? Prior to that, wat triggers u to go for an IUI? Male or female infertility? Or unexplained infertility?
  4. Can try the dim sum inside Sunshine Plaza near Bencoolen st...not buffet style...al la carte...fresh and yummy!!!
  5. See if u can get any blangadesh workers ard...give them $30 to $50 and they will be v glad to do it for u....they might also wan to keep the sofa in their quarters?
  6. The pipe beside the toilet bowl...a U shape one..not sure wat pipe is tt? Bt its leaking a bit in my neighbour's toilet...
  7. Qi? As in the "Qi" must flow freely inside the hse?
  8. Heard before tt the TV will "suck" all our energy over the nite & make us v tired..not sure abt it...anyway I face my TV to the toilet instead of the bed...and I wonder whether there is any difference btw CRT and LCD?
  9. I tort LR is more impt? If LR is big, its v good to the male owner?
  10. Hi yoongf, Yes, there is a lot of possibilities...my contractor keep saying there are alot of small holes beside the pipe and they need time to track the leak and seal it up...bt I wonder whether this is a long term solution? Anyway I already scolded the contractor tt its causing alot of plms to me...cos everytime when they are sealing up the holes..I cannot use the toilet for 1 day in order to let it dry.... My neighhbour below complain tt wheneva we shower, the pipe will leak...bt my flooring all done, tts y no more watermarks...now I duno where the plm actually is?
  11. Hi.. aft seeing yr reply...I really hope my neighbour below is making a mountain out of a molehill and it is not the truth....haaa.... Mabbe they are "seeing" things...lolx...
  12. Dear All.... Thanks for all the replies... Bt since I hv hacked twice...and the water marks on the below ceilings din surface anymore, cld there be a possibility tt the pipe below is "faulty"? And not my fault? Is there any troubleshooting to be done? i really dun wish to undergo the hacking once more...really v scared of the mess aft tt... i tink i hv to ask the unit below to complain to HDB and let their officer come and do a test...cos I hv done all I can already bt still cannot track the plm...I am at my wit's end liao...
  13. My neighbour did complain to HDB last year...bt the officer is v "nua" and since my renovation still under warranty so I get my contractor to do it for free....now I save the money but gives me more plm...haiz...
  14. Sorri....din take any fotos of the pipe below...bt the water is not flowing a lot..is like dripping bit by bit...bt i am sure its v irritating for my neighbours...