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  1. they are from The Wooden Platform, very professional and trustworthy ID company i will say.
  2. each cost $499, recommended by my id, was told that this is run by dc motor, with 3 tone of lights. i don't know how good this brand is, but other bigger players like kdk doesn't have the smaller size with light . you may check this out http://www.fanztec.com.sg/ , i bought it from one of the light shop recommended by my id, but i don't recommend that light shop.. they are too costly and not really honest . you may contact fanztec directly , they provide installation, so far this brand is good, strong and powerful and quiet
  3. A welcome mat (those japanese wordings means "welcome") place at the entrance of the main door. This mat made of micro-fibre, can absorb water, trap dust. Most of my guest likes the quality of this mat, just want to share the picture
  4. wow...like the idea of the peg board, where did you get it from?
  5. Hi Fifteenmay, I got those from here..https://www.facebook.com/thehiddenfolks
  6. lol..i actually exceeded my budget by $1k+.. some furniture is necessary, shouldn't get too many ceiling fan, shouldn't get outdoor furniture
  7. New sofa and TV came last week, Internet up this week, didn't get sound bar becos we prefer a dvd+blue ray player, not getting any coffee table to save space The TV is 43", but still looks small ...
  8. @Changbp, nope, my fan remote control doesn't have any holder, that's a very good idea, to find any holder and use 3M to stick the holder on the wall, thanks
  9. Yup....spent $26k Sofa, dining table, outdoor furniture 3,432.00 Renovation 8,913.10 Electrical works 2,391.45 Sealy bed 2,469.00 Lights 3,820.00 Wall frames 816.00 Window blinds 1,400.00 Song Cho accessories 1,262.52 TV / sound system 1,524.00 Grand total 26,028.07 (Also bought some shelves from Ikea, a couple of hundred dollars haven't included in the spending).
  10. Anyone wants mover contact ? engaged them twice already, still as professional as before. Don't even need to compare quotation, just love their service Recommended mover : Elite Movers http://www.elitemovers.com.sg PS: I am not from Elitemovers , they are really good ok no pic no talk
  11. This should be the ID job, reason being : 1) Before mounting this on the wall, ID have to ensure the wall is partition wall or concrete wall. 2) If it is concrete wall, there shouldn't be an issue. 3) If it is a partition wall, the ID should advise not to wall mount the TV console. 4) Even if HDB cut cost and mix the building materials, the wall shouldn't be so weak.... don't think is HDB cutting cost. 5) For any wall mount cabinet, avoid putting heavy stuffs... so the ID shouldn't even do this console for you if they know that the TV will be sitting on top