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  1. Finally got the keys to the flat. More pics coming soon.
  2. Hi, can any kind members post up pics the completed installation of their Alpha instant heater. Targeting on the left side of the heater, reason being mine seems to have wire protruding out. Would like to take a look at others.Thank you
  3. like how is it OOP? eg:colour, not suitable for HDB Of course can change, spend money loh
  4. The design glass door from Doorplus,$900 plus Hmm.....that one i will ask the contractor
  5. Besglas bi-fold Design Glass door
  6. So how much are u claiming from her? Will the case escalate to hight court , if it does, it will cost u more like $10k a day. Pls consider carefully,really feel sorry for your money:)
  7. U are filing claims against her. What if she doesnt want to pay? Then u will be wasting all legal fees.
  8. I am very sure the bi-fold toilet door is from Besglas but i did not take pics of it. I got the digital lockset and doors from Doorsplus.
  9. not sure whether is it from Besglas but my bi-fold door is.