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  1. What's wrong with stoppin him from takin the loan shark option?
  2. Wow u sure the house is not some collapsing block made in china? Looks like some big fire just happened. Wah seh... How much u bought the flat? Wat's the COV?
  3. Hi, if your damage is not high, I suggest you quit him and move on to some other contractor who can finish up the work. Then you see how u can get the money back from him. Keep waiting is not a solution. I really propose to make sure he can't step foot into this reno business ever again. I'm sure the other house owner is in as deep **** as you are. No matter what, you guys/girls/whoever must hang in there ok... Must handle this son of a ***** together.
  4. U sure he's driving? Or he's avoiding you and smoke you with some rubbish crappy story again to futher delay till infinity. Giving empty promises and hope u buy it in. You should be worrying if I were you. Found this: Singapore Renovation Contractors & Material Suppliers Association http://english.sccci.org.sg/index.cfm?GPID...s%20Association 新加坡装修同业商联会 Address: No. 2 Jurong East Street 21 #03-49, IMM Building Singapore 609601 Tel: 6561 6866 Fax: 6561 0080 Maybe they can help.
  5. And I'm a trillionaire! He can say 1001 thgs but ... Is it true? The $ u paid is solely for ur Reno & not for other purpose. How very dare of him to misuse the $?
  6. He's a cheater. He's delaying all projects. Took the money & dun do the work. Keep postponing. Giving ppl so much stress & fear in these contractor. How to get money back from him?
  7. What makes up the whole valuation thingy? Who approved and decide it?
  8. I'm imagining.... Then we will be enslaved by the govt. Fair yes, btwn the normal ppl who sells and buys. Unfair to the ppl and the govt. Cos govt are made up of greedy ppl too
  9. Yes indeed. These days, honesty is no longer found in this world. Somebody is always out to cheat somebody's money. I tink it's worst than not giving up their seats in the MRT. It shows how ugly we have become and evolved.
  10. HDB has the responsibility of making public housing affordable. Bcos they built the flat in the first place and they sell it to u. Seller is greedy Buyer is stingy Singles cannot buy new flats Married cannot wait for new flats. HDB cannot come up in time with the new flats or oursource to pte developer bcos it's too troublesome to manage themselves. All these adds up to the elements to this boom. If the govt dun do anything to control, then we will be the next America. All ur property dun belongs to u, but the bank and the govt. All will go rent a tent at the sea side. Or hope we all move to District 9 or 10
  11. Another nonsense from the horse's mouth -> http://www.asiaone.com/Business/My%2BMoney...916-168253.html What kinda govt is that?
  12. Quoted from asiaone.com.sg http://www.asiaone.com/Business/My%2BMoney...915-167970.html COV is not an agreed amt the buyer think the flat worth. It's the seller who set their price tag for the COV. Is HDB clear of the market situation or just still dreaming the perfect scenario.
  13. They were like blah blah blah blah pay money more money blah blah blah plenty of money blah blah. Came up with COE, COV, CO大便!!!! Seriously.... what else next?
  14. To the Govt: WHAT????? So chim how in the world anyone understand what they Govt is talkin abt? Can they like simplify everything. Bloody CPF already so complex this cannot tat cannot everything cannot, can they like dun smoke us or confuse us and do something less alien? Geeez