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  1. juz_me


    Hiee, Where to get good & affordable mattress? Saw mattress at Robinson - very expensive. Thanks
  2. Mine is granite floor. Previous owner owned cats. Not sure why certain tiles - the colours are darker - it seemed like stained. Can it be the cat's urine or coffee stain the granite floor? We ever asked the previous owner - they claimed it the natural colour of the granite (we don't know much about granite).
  3. I discovered mould growing under our wooden study table since beginning of the year. I have not get around to clear it. Now thinking of clearing it. How to clear it? When it come back again after clearing it? There is a CPU under the table - could the heat from CPU resulted the mould under the table? Pls advise? Many thanks!!
  4. Hi, I have bought a writing table last Jan. Only recently, I discovered underneath the table - full of moulds. Any advise how to clear the moulds? Heard that thinner can clear the mould? Is it okay to use that? Thank you.
  5. juz_me


    Thanks for your reply. Will check it out.
  6. juz_me


    Hi, My parquet was polished late last year. Yesterday, there is small little chip in the parquet resulting a small gap/hole. How? Any advise pls. Many thanks!
  7. Thank you for your replies. =) Haiz... hubby not free to go down today... Will probably drop by one of these days.... Is the Sales really good?
  8. Can someone pm the address pls? Thanks
  9. Hiee, Where can I get cheap/reasonable price fish tanks? Don't want too big.. Thanks
  10. juz_me


    Thanks alot for your replies. Tweetie74 - could you kindly share with me the address of this warehouse. Thanks alot
  11. juz_me


    Hiee, Anyone has any good recommendation to get a nice clock besides molecule? Thanks
  12. Hiee, Any good lobang - carpet for coffee table? Thank you
  13. That time - issued alot of HO deadlines... eveytime have to chase and chase... Basically, I called him everyday...
  14. Haiz...my canon camera "died" on me (got lines appeared in the LCD screen). Now, eyeing for promotion Canon camera. Thinking to get IXUS or canon powershot or should I consider other brand such as olympus.