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  1. Yes you are right. One good reason could be because her charges are very cheap. Since we never know whether feng shui masters are reliable, even for those who charge sky high prices, might as well go for a cheap and popular one.
  2. Thanks. At first I wanted to charge a fix $150 in addition to the room rental. The tenant is not comfortable with that. He has his own fan, but still must have air con. That's why I told him to pay whatever is shown in the PUB bill. Now the problem is that his sister stays with him, and he works day shift, while his sister works night shift. So the air con is on day and night, sian... He is not too happy about paying the PUB bill, complaining that the tenant in the other room may use more electricity/water.
  3. I don't want to post here otherwise more people will queue up overnight to see her and I will have no chance to see her again BTW, she only works from 7am to 2pm, and she does not allow people to make appointments. She can spend a few hours speaking to one customer. Even if you queued up overnight, if you are the 4th or 5th person in the queue, you may not have a chance to see her because she strictly stops work at 2pm.
  4. Hi Andreja, Thank you very much. I do hope to get a marble side table to match with my marble dining table. The tables in your photos look great, will check them out.
  5. I am renting out 2 bedrooms, already found tenants. One room requires air con, the other room does not want air con. How to charge for PUB utilities ? Anyone has experience dealing with this ? The tenancy agreement states that the room rental includes PUB but does not include air con. If one tenant wants to turn on the air con, he must pay the amount on the PUB bill after deducting $100. Do you think this is fair ?
  6. I know one master who is so popular that people queue up overnight to see her. Her charges are very reasonable, and she does not sell anything in her shop. I consulted her once and she gave me very valuable advise.
  7. I just saw one 20+ years maisonette at Bishan sold at $900K at HDB website. Amazing that anyone will actually pay this price for an old flat.
  8. Hi, Peter's number is 9385 9749

  9. could u provide the contacts for JGH peter?

  10. Most people usually spend about $50K to $60K on their renovation. I spent about $30K to renovate my EA. Check out my blog : http://myrenovationblog.blogspot.com/
  11. Just an update. I kept my granite floor and asked the contractor to wax it. The cost is $280. It looks like brand new now.
  12. Have you ever seen a pink kitchen ? Anyone has any kitchens with funky or unusual colours to share ? http://myrenovationblog.blogspot.com/
  13. Hi EoneKhaled, My contractor is Joo Guan Huat at Tradehub. Call Peter at 9385 9749. He is not exactly an ID in the sense that he cannot come up with fancy designs, he is more like a contractor. We need to specify exactly what we want to him. He provides very good service and delivers what he promises. Highly recommended.
  14. I dislike bi-fold doors and after hearing bad comments about PD doors, I decided to spend more to get the Besglas doors for my master and common toilets. Very happy with the doors in glass and aluminium. The quality is very good ! Very easy to open and close. Highly recommended. http://myrenovationblog.blogspot.com/