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  1. A PROPERTY developer is offering a family the chance to live for free for six months in a fully furnished condominium unit in Kovan. It acts as a test bed of sorts for Koh Brothers, which hopes to gather useful feedback on 'lifestyle living', as opposed to just selling an unfurnished unit. To apply, they will also have to submit a 100-word essay on why they deserve the 'best experience in life' however I think that such concept is flawed, as most family in Singapore have a permanent living area, and that not many would be willing to leave their house for such a short period of time. Any way for those who may be interested I read bout it HERE
  2. Units at A Treasure Trove were sold at an average of $866 psf during its launch last September while Watertown's initial sales in January were transacted at an average of about $1,080 psf. Not only so, 18 Volkswagen cars have been put up for grabs which is an exceptionally large amount. This can then help the buyers lower cost significantly. It seems that the developer for this project is trying to prove a statement, this may lead to a chain of retaliation from other developers which may end up reducing prices of property in Singapore? SOURCE
  3. Wow i'm quite intrigued by this statement. Yes market is naturally efficient but it does fail too. Probably what you say might be correct if the Singapore property were influenced by just locals in a micro scale. However due to the complexity of Singapore's small and highly open economy, foreign inputs, speculations may make the situation much more complicated than what you feel. This is why the government, a deciding factor should contribute for a more stable economy.
  4. I really dont think that these houses are even ment for small families. 400 square feet? or less? thats barely enough for a single room.
  5. Due to rising Property price and increasing numbers of influx in foreign expats, many feel that this is the right time for property investments. Shoebox apartments are highly popular due to their low cost and high demand from foreigners. However recently I read an article about drastic increase in number of shoebox apartment in coming years. according to the article may be 3 times the current amount. This may affect the supply and therefore price of the apartments drastically. This is my own personal observation and views, and would like to hear more opinions from the public? anyway here is the article
  6. I think those online property website like Property guru, StraitsTimes Property all those lor. I think the straits time one is new, think they are giving free advertisments for a limited time? u can try? not very sure myself too.
  7. Hi guys, wanted to find out what are the procedures one take before purchasing their houses. For instance information gathering, where do u all usually gather your information, Agent? Online? Forums? Bank loans, How do u find the bank who offers the lowest interest rates which is most stable? yup.
  8. Now got so many portals to find jobs... No problem one la. can look for jobs through news paper, online also now phone also got app to find jobs LOL. top 3 online job site Jobs central Jobs DB STjobs can go take a look. Hope this helped. Cheers
  9. Yeah read about it on the new paper as well. if thats the case would u guys prefer. 1. A HBD which has good location such as TPY, Bishan, Serangoon or 2. A DBSS flat?
  10. Kovan melody, Kovan Residence and now Bliss @ Kovan How many condos within walkable distance to Kovan Mrt. With the recent completion of Kovan residence come the new project Bliss @ Kovan. Kovan Melody in 2007 Kovan Residence 2013
  11. Hmmm got news say that the Latest DBSS Parsir Ris one may be the last DBSS? actually i walked by there before. Quite convenient. close to the MRT.
  12. I can see the increasing trend in Sales of houses already, be it HDB or Private houses. will it come to a point where supply exceeds the demand and price fall?
  13. Here are the 5 new BTO flats in the year 2012 1. Sunshine Garden in Chua Chu Kang 2. Fernvale Lea in Sengkang 3.Waterway Sunbeam in Punggol 4.Green Terrace in Tampines 5.Tampines Alcoves in Tampines source : BTO HDB 2012 Which one do you think has the most potential.
  14. Hi guys, Some information here Singapore private property rose over 50% over the past 5 years. HDB rise 84% the past five years. HDB prices nearing the million mark. TPY / Tampines HDB sold for 900k recently more expensive DBSS BTO houses. Private houses, Condo/Landed, experience constant rise in prices. Want to discuss with you guys whether u think that all these price increase are just a property bubble, which would bust with just the slightest uncertainty.
  15. recently red the statistics saying that singapore mean income rise by 42% in 5 years but the Housing prices soared by 82%! shows how much more one have to pay for houses