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  1. Hi Limc0008! Instead of retifying such issue, our SG government is protecting these people! Standing by the fences to watch the problems that they have created, these people have nothing to lose and such people will create endless of issues for prospective buyers. Regards Spaceboy
  2. Hi Avatarsun! Thank you for following this thread! I have brought a new place and was busy with it. At the same time, after completing all the documents for my new flat, i have forward her all legal proceeding including the documentation of my new flat. Up till today, there was no reply from her which is her ususal self. However, i will suggest ALL prospective buyers not to have any dealings with this flat with all the issues surrounding the flat! Regards Spaceboy
  3. Hi berry surprise Yup! In fact.. I was very upset by such replies. As a statutory board and SQC where the quality is the highest, they are giving us such replies. Moreover, they are paid by us (i.e. taxpayers) to help us but these buggers just conveniently push us aside! I believe the opposition party should have a lot of grounds in the next election then... Regards Spaceboy
  4. Hi Charemme Yup.. i am really thinking what the **** is the seller thinking. First of all, she is in the wrong, and yet she can be so ridiculous. Then i wrote to HDB stating my situation and asking if they are trying to create a problem. Because if the property prices keep rising, all the sellers will become a potential defaulters and they will be able to go scott free. And if the property prices fall, the buyers will become potential defaults since they are able to bargain for lower price. So in the end, does it mean that HDB will just simply not be bothered with any issues given the authority and power to act it? So what roles does the HDB takes? Regards Spaceboy
  5. Hi Dean Nope. The situation is in such a manner that she has a proven track record that her words cannot be trusted. At first, she approach me to give her $7,000 cash if i still want to pursue buying the flat. We will willing to compromise and she has been agreeing with us to make the deal goes through. However, she will called us back a few days later and we are sincere in privately helping her with $20,000 cash which is our last chance to her. However, greed has overtaken her thoughts and she ask for $40,000 cash. So if you are in my shoe, do you still want to give in to her demands? Regards Spaceboy
  6. Hi Berry Surprise Understand what you have gone into. But i will suggest that you need to sit back and evaluate the situation before making any decision. Be positive and plan ahead. Such incident has already happen and we cannot remain negative. It is not as if we are so stupid enough to get cheat, but there is intention for these people to cheat our hardearned $. Let me spell out one classic example which is the NKF. If people like us know that TT Durai is planning and cheating us, do you think we will continue to donate $? Regards Spaceboy
  7. Hi Charemme Yup! We definitely cannot tolerate such despicable person in Singapore. She really thinks that her bankruptcy status is something she is proud and encourages her to go further. But she is too ignorant of facts and the law society in Singapore. To share with you, despite all the money that i have thrown into that flat, we have yet to receive a single cent from her or a call from her. It is really shameless! She puts people into deep **** and keeps mum about it. Yes, she really think she can quietly get this done and over. But unfortunately, she has met me. I have serve her my first round of law binding documents last week and there are more to come. Regards Spaceboy
  8. Hi Pinklady From what i have gone through, it is really crazy but one has to be positive in looking forward. If you think about it carefully, HDB has been protecting the interests of the seller in this open market in which i have wrote to them and seek their advice on all the experiences that we have went through. If they are protecting the seller, so where are the disclosures in protecting the buyer? Does it mean that if every seller behaves in such a manner where they will back off with the escalating resale flat prices, they will sit there and continue to watch the resale market prices to escalate further? What role does HDB acts in this instance? Watchdog? Gatekeeper? or relax department? As HDB has claimed that they are reacting and improving, so they should have to react in the very first instance. Regards Spaceboy
  9. Hi Scenic98 In this society, i believe that we have to share and help each other. As such, i also believe that there are many young couples out there that are looking at their first home and are innocent of such characters around. That is precisely the reason that i share it out to other forummers so that young couples will learn from our mistakes. Although some people could be mocking at us for being silly and stupid, but once you are being hit, you will really feel the pain. We do understand that the government is trying to protect the bankrupt, but protecting the bankrupt at the expense of our welfare? Resolving one problem but starting another problem? The government should face the fact as to why these bankrupts are being made bankrupts. I am not too sure of other forums then, probably will need your enlightenment on this aspect. If given yourselves to be in my shoe, will you still trust and believe these bankrupts?
  10. Hi Scenic98 Yup.. the agent should bear responsibility for it. You are very rite as there is a cooling period between placing the deposit and signing the OTP, but the seller insists that we have to pay her immediately. I remember clearly that we signed the OTP around 12am in which i have requested to pass her the cheque the very next morning, but she refused and insisted that we passed her the cheque immediately when she signed the OTP. The police cannot do anything much so it was purely for record purposes. This will only become handy if she goes around cheating 1 more buyer. Approaching the MP will be kinda meaningless, since they are very much limited to their scope.
  11. Hi Potluck Yup! No doubt that the agent should bear some responsibility. Although the seller did not disclose these financials to the agent, the agent should have notify us on some unusual events. But things are not looking that good for us also because I have change job after our first appointment with HDB and have submitted a new HLE, but they have come back to us with lots of queries. Sigh:(
  12. Hi blackcar We did ask their agent, why you did not inform us on her background? Her seller agent told us that she did not let her know about the slightest details. Then in the first place, the seller agent should notify us that they did not let her know about the slightest details so that it will be our preorgative to go and find out. But the seller agent told us that she (seller) ask them to bring them around to see the private properties in East Coast. Yup! Precisely, that was what happen in our last heated tele-conversation, i mention that she need to inform us as it is our every right to know and to make decisions and not to hide. Then she say she has no choice and her agent coax her to sell the flat. Well, I refuted, your agent coax you to sell the flat? Are you a 3 year old kid to sign all the legal documents? Common, if the agent coax you to sell, you will not insist the $5k deposit. Then she keep quiet and say, i am sorry and hang up the phone. To me, it was simply plain ridiculous. Regards Spaceboy
  13. Hi Cookiesmonster Yup! With this tech savvy era, we have to try to let it known to as much people as possible to prevent more people from falling into this trap. Although we have lost around $30k, we are still able to take it but what i personally felt despicable is her values and principles. Everything is in the hands of my lawyers already, so we can just wish her good luck. In the end, it will be ugly sight like what is happening and where it will become lose - lose situation. Regards Spaceboy
  14. Hi Chronograph That is a good alternative! But what do you suggest that he will do? Tighten up HDB regulations or push it back to their official assignee? If push it back to their official assignee, what do we expect the official assignee to do? Return us the $5k and the case is closed? There is no general guidelines on all these and if we force it to the high court, like what has been mentioned, it will be costly which will not be affordable for the lower income group. Regards Spaceboy
  15. Hi Potluck Yup.. Was in fact thinking about it. But this story was so complicated, so who will bother about it? Regards Spaceboy