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  1. Yar i am a ash holes. I admit it. But sad, you are always not a man of your word, a while say ah soon supporter, a while say not, a while say last msg to me (ash holes), a while msg again. Can you be a man and stop slapping yourself??!! lol Go ahead and impose ignore user, just make sure you dont reply me can already, cause you sure slapped by me big time!
  2. Mr 666, I very scare leh, wanna meet me for kopi? Play gangster?hahaha Why should ppl be upset when I mentioned about referral fees? And why you so worked up? So now who is trying to be saint? Again, is it wrong to get referral fees? As I mentioned, bankers, lawyers give referral fees wat. So big deal???!!! I got absolute no doubts in 99% of Ah Soon customers here and their integrity which I am still in constant PM with some of them even on other topics. But in a box of 100 apples, there could be 1 bad apple. Wow $500k EM, $50k reno hard cash....so rich, I so envy and jealous, guess I am the one that is imbalance. Sorry leh, rich Fxxkxr. What is $50k cash in today's context.....**sigh...... Again I will not FO, thanks for your last msg, may all be well to you in heaven, rest in peace. Jaskel and Char, see, I try to take a step back, but ppl think otherwise.
  3. Charemme, No offence, I really not saying anyone here but "him". I am merely sending him a signal that don't just provoke anyone without a good cause. Me too, are not from a rich family. I am prepared to retract/edit/delete my post therein or even apologise to him via pm for the uncalled statement that I have made if I do not receive further provocation from him within the next 3 days. Thanks.
  4. Jaskel, sorry, I know the spirit and intent of the forum here, but some ppl are just trying to start the provocation here. And yes I am getting personal. 666 - May I suggest that instead of sitting around here trying to create discord, why not get off your BxxT and find ways to earn money, since you have gotten your keys for quite some time and no money to reno your place, I think. Rather than feeling imbalance here and creating havoc.
  5. 666, 1 point to add, if you are really not happy, you can go set a Ah Soon Forum www.ahsoon.com.sg or whatever, and you can be administrator and can own and decide who can comment in your forum.
  6. Pls mind ur words. What stirring sh*t. When did I said I will get out of this thread? When? Read properly. You are someone whose words are not credible. A while said "I am not a fan of Ah Soon", A while said you are etc. All the Sh*t coming out from you as a Cow. I haven even settle the score with you for personal attack and accusation commenting that I am stalking you and "gay" etc in your previous posts. All who are here reading, can click on my previous post. I have never once used a single vulgarities nor scolded anyone. But this 666, who think he owned this forum got the nerve to ask why I am still here. Come on 666, your words are absolutely got no credit at all. I counter suggest you get out of here!!!!!!!
  7. I heard from my FSM that TV should not be placed in front facing the bed. But I think everyone is doing it, and it looks nicer.............Should I follow or not??? I really cant think of anywhere else to put it.
  8. I know some that made accusations that some AH Soon supporters are relatives or getting refferal fees are really to me a blow under the belt. I disagree. Not a nice thing to say, plus no proof also. hopeless, Refer to your quote as above. I think I wrote and commented something like that but not as explicit. You mind copy and paste my previous post and assist me in the interpretation to everyone here? What is wrong with getting referral fee? ID bring us go buy lightings and toilet accessories earned referral fee, agent earned lawyer's and banker's referral fees from us too? So whats wrong? Did I said wrong in my previous posts? Thanks.
  9. Hee...my FSM said ok too.... I juz wanna double confirm....
  10. I paid for my agent (for purchase) a flat rate after nego, because I am a direct buyer, so they do not have to co-broke and share the comm with any agent. The flat rate is about 0.6% My seller wanted to stay for another month upon completion. I agreed but I gave the agent's comm in 2 installment, half during completion, and the other half will be only when I get the physical keys.
  11. Hi, Consulted a FSM and was pointed out to place water features at a corner, presumably be the wealth spot, does those dehumidifier (moving water with spraying mist) considered as a water feature too? Too lazy to clean the water feature..... Thanks!
  12. Oh so meaning, besides the ID, there is another in house designer helping with the design....?
  13. I am thinking abt the decor for my walls, thinking of putting up a picture (in frame). However, sad to say I am a design/art/pictures idiot. Any suggestions what kind of pictures are good? I would prefer those cool one to those scenary kind....and where can I get them? Thanks!
  14. Wow...I am in the midst of appointing Ideal Design.... But seems like the last few posts seems to mention they are not so pro in their perspective designs, and bringing customers to expensive lighting shops...? Can more people comment on Ideal Design, regarding their perspective designs and bringing the customers to purchase lightings or other accessories? Thanks
  15. Wow how I wish my job can allow me to participate so actively in this forum during office hours too! Sorry I got no time and merely just skim thru the posts, my points as follow, pls pardon me if I missed out any response or out of points: - 1)My previous post that has a liner "As a reader and as someone who is sourcing for ID/contractor, I cant help after reading but feeling fishy by some responses." This line is of seperate paragragh and its up to individual to interprete the contents. I emphasis I used the word "I" and "FEELING". If you still dont understand, then its ok. 2) Today's posts are definetely entertaining but nevertheless unnecessary imo that detracts from the spirit and intent of renotalk. 3) Whats wrong with someone wanted to seek clarifications from HDB? Why put Karma in? To be honest, I did mentioned in my previous post that I for one, will not put whether or not the ID or contractor are not a licensed under HDB Panel in my criteria. In fact, the ID/contractor (last 2 shortlisted in my list) that I am engaging next month, are NOT HDB licensed too. I dont care, really. However, I believed that some forumers wanted to do more here because of the undue challenges from SOME OTHER forumers here. We do not think we want to make anyone losing their rice bowl. I think I will have Karma, I reported to NEA an uncle hawking his OTAK below my blk without a license. I cause him to lose his rice bowl, feel so bad............I complained to a restaurant manager that his waiter has brought me the wrong food that I ordered, causing him to lose his job......Karma again.... 4) For those who wanted to collect a fee for Uncle face book etc, pls go ahead because as I mentioned in my previous posts, a referal fee for anything is OK. 5) If anyone here feels very aggrieved by the posts here and take it as a allegations or accusations or even defamation, you are free to reserve all your rights, and report to the administrators or seek your own legal adviser. Thanks