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  1. Based in the Chinese zodiac, 2017 is the year of Fire Rooster that start from January 28, 2017 (Lunar Chinese New Year) and end on February 15, 2018. Are you excited to know how your Chinese Zodiac fare in terms of wealth luck, health, career luck and love/relationship luck? Check out the highlights of each Chinese Zodiac forecast for year 2017 in the video or just check out the detailed one in http://bit.ly/2dap3Mo
  2. usually i saw this type of requirement, i a bit sceptical cause it might be MLM again! Why not list the company here too?
  3. Hi all, Year 2015 is coming to an end soon, so check out what lies ahead of you in year 2016. Check out this article to find out more here!
  4. Dear all, Are u planning to have a fish tank or already having one in your home, here is something that you might be interested. Feng Shui Do's and dont's in having fish tank in your home
  5. First of all, get the justification from the FSM why there is a need to do so and see if it is logical. Feng Shui is logical and science, we should not anyhow tilt unless there is certain justification to it, if not it will be consider as superstitious practice.
  6. Hi, Just to share this Feng Shui article about main door and it stated otherwise. Is tilted door good? But this is just for reference, there is no right or wrong.
  7. Dear all, I am currently selling LG HOM-BOT Square Ruby Red Robotic Vacuum Cleaner @ JUST $950 (Usual price is $1259 from courts) In brand new and sealed condition. Price is NEG and please kindly sms me @ 91808556 for a deal and location to deal. Thanks. SQUARE DESIGN TO REACH CORNERS EFFECTIVELY REVOLUTIONARY DUAL-EYE MOVEMENT COLLISION-SAFE THOROUGH CLEANING Please refer to full specification at New Era of Smart Cleaning VR6270LVMB
  8. Dear all, Do you believe in Paid Survey which you do and they paid you? Please kindly share which one is good. Thanks
  9. Dear all, Have you try the Feng Shui way to increase the fertility luck? Check out this article.
  10. Dear All, Do you have any taboo to share in moving house? Here is an interesting article to read. Moving Home in a Feng Shui Way
  11. fengshui is different from home and business, so you cannot apply home one to business
  12. Dear all, just to share this article on how your can enhance your wealth position. It is not only about putting god of wealthm you must also give it a good house. Check out more here at How To Feng Shui Your Wealth Location? (With Illustrations) What do you think?