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  1. used tea bags? what tea? green tea? lipton tea?
  2. gynae follows standard procedure! if fail go IVF! I also can be gynae like that. anyway, we are examined to be heathly couples but for whatever reason can't get pregnant after 2 yrs so we went for IUI any advise?
  3. After 3 tries of IUI I am still not able to conceive. Very upset about this. Anyone has the same experience and managed to get pregnant after that?
  4. i am not just looking at any door bell. I want to buy this --->>> http://www.renotalk.com/forum/index.php?sh...st&p=277276
  5. other than choo chiang any other place to buy this door bell in city area?
  6. any lighting shop or shop around bugis or town area to recommend buying a wired door bell?
  7. if I keep sniping the wire everytime the door spoilts , i will have to lay new wire?
  8. where to find what new condo project is coming up? btw, is the price bounced off from low already?
  9. my door bell stops working, its a battery operated one with wire connecting the door bell button infront of the house and a bell in the house itself. Where can i find a replacement for this? thanks
  10. We are planning to have our first one. In terms of finances, how much do we need to set a side from contraception to birth, and the cost to spend on the baby each year till pre-school? very worried about $$$$ Pls share your experience. thanks