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  1. As requested by friends the website is up for online order www.bakinpassion.com
  2. Like to find if the following units signed aircon cleaning from this Ivan from CROM Tech aircon services. He showed me the following units signed up with me. 30-73 Blk 79D 34-65 Blk 79E 17-63 Blk 79E 40-65 Blk79C 21-75 Blk 79E 19-75 Blk79E 26-61 blk 79E Want to see if the salesman is making up fake receipts to convince ppl to sign.
  3. Will be interesting to see how much 75sqm 4rm can sell? So far all the sales were on 90sqm. Anyone know what is the valuaton for 90sqm and 110sqm?
  4. This is crazy but I am a happy man..profit up 3x.
  5. ok. thks. I thought is a FH apt coz the surrounding condos are FH.
  6. Anyone know whether spottiwoode park apt is freehold or 99 or 999. Am not talking about spottiwoode 18 or residence condo.
  7. when people said the MS can be pledged with their properties. But do they mean? Using their 1st fully paid property to pledge?
  8. My friend sold his 4rm flat. 79B Toa Payoh Ctrl 16 to 20 91.00 Model A 2009 $628,000.00
  9. Krontex is good. After 3 years, the qty is still there. Min maintenance.
  10. My advice is find one that can find time to discuss face-to-face when things need to recify.Not to divert the problem to wife who does not know the anything about reno.
  11. I had similar problem with him too. Screwed up my wedding planning then. Did not bother to reply ur call. The calls always transferred to his wife. Did not sign with him eventually as not responsive to your needs.
  12. Anyone got lobang where to get wallpaper and DIY
  13. My leather (PU material) torn. Anyone has lobang to recommend a shop doing Sofa Upholstery
  14. vowsh

    Sofa Upholstery

    Any one got lobang where can do leather sofa upholstery?