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  1. It has been four years since our renovation. Despite the one year warranty in the contract, my ID is still reachable whenever I need help. e.g. plumber to change tap, electrician, etc. I think not many IDs out there do that. My ID is highly recommended for his after sales service. Kudos!
  2. Good after sales service from ID. Prompt response by him to get his guys to change the kitchen cabinet legs. And they are all free. Strongly recommended
  3. Get amp based on it budget. Most likely u won't be changing ur amp that soon. So if budget allow, stretch more. Can do bi-amping also if u only using 5.1. As for center, it is impt for hts as dialogue comes from there all the time.
  4. Can get them to play it at a bigger room? I dun think their small room is smaller than ur red rectangle right?
  5. For a 5.1 and avr, your choices are more of satellites from Boston acoustics, pro cinema, Cambridge, etc with onkyo 509 or denon, etc. do go around listen and see which are the ones that u feel the punch for movies and clarity for music. Bring ur Fav show and music cd along and always play the same scene or track for all demos.
  6. Budget? Hmm... XBOX, errr.. I am a playstation lover know nuts about XBOX. But shld be able to connect with most receivers
  7. Maybe let us know your budget and habit (eg, 50% movies 50% music) will help.
  8. Kitchen Clock... Eggs our fav!!!
  9. Thank you.... Anyway, that's breakdown in communication. Everything turns out well. No reno is perfect....
  10. MBR Shower Screen Sticker MBR Toilet Sticker Spent 3 hrs doing this piece of glass door
  11. HTS Room (Building in progress)
  12. I just heard that the delphin vacuum cleaner can purify air too. Pour abit of dettol in the machine and your room will smell like hospital in 10mins.