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  1. Yeah, I just copied whatever you have in your sig, except the player Maybe I'd regret down the road, but we might need another player anyway... So for now the Sony should be fine Its reviews aren't bad anyway. I did ask them about changing the rear speakers to white ones, but was told they have to be special orders, which takes much longer time. Thought it over, white speakers on not-so-white wall probably don't look nice either. So we scrapped that idea and stick to black ones. Also asked them about mounting the front speakers on TV wall, but in that case they can't use better quality (thick wires) which they promised to give us FOC, only normal thin wires can be used to make the setup look nice. So we scrapped that idea too.
  2. Okay, finally made my final call, bought the following: AVR - Onkyo 608 Speakers - Fronts & Rears : Deft Tech Procinema 800 I Centre : Deft Tech Procinema 1000 Subwoofer - Velodyne CHT-8Q Blu-ray Player: Sony BDP-S370 The only thing I bought against the mainstream here is the BP, got a cheapy Sony BDP-S370 as a bundled deal w/ my TV, feature-wise should be good enough to me. Besides, I got a Sony USB wireless dongle which I can use w/ the 370 BP, I guess it'd be fine for now. Might upgrade to an OPPO player in a later time when we decide to put a TV in our bedroom Thanks for all the suggestion here, especially to brother vicenzo70. Really appreciate your tips and suggestions. Now just wait for the completion of our house's renovation ...
  3. Not true. You can read it here: http://www.hdb.gov.sg/fi10/fi10322p.nsf/w/...ts?OpenDocument
  4. Too late, poisoned already Yeah, I know. But there is a wife and two kids, plus a big HDB loan on the other side, hard to balance leh ...
  5. Man, you poisoning me leh ... I feel I shouldn't have come here asking for suggestions, should just go down and buy a cheapy Sony or Samsung HTS set and be done w/ it
  6. That's okay. Since we sold our current flat fairly easily w/ some gain, I might top up a bit
  7. Well, since your tv is 50', I'm sure vic would suggest you to go for the 83 Your current setup is exactly what I'm getting, except the TV (mine will be smaller due to my tiny living room )
  8. I'll take your 80 if you decide to upgrade Original budget was 3k, now over quite a bit liao ...
  9. Went to KEC today, checked out the 608 receiver and procinema 800 combo, sounds great! I was quoted about $27xx w/ cables and installation for 800 and 608 combo, that leaves me no enough money to buy the OPPO 80 Wonder if the procinema 600 speakers would be sufficient for my living room (which isn't too big anyway). They don't carry OPPO player, so I have to get it elsewhere. Originally planned to buy Samsung 46" LED, but after some comparison and readup, now I'm thinking of getting a Plasma from Panasonic, most likely the Viera TH-P42S10. It's slightly smaller, but I like the color and movies better on this screen.
  10. Man, money doesn't come easy leh 3K is already pushing the limit from the other side, and there is no end if chasing for the latest and the best ... Given 3k budget, what's your suggestion then? Thanks btw
  11. After some quick research, decide to go w/ the following combo: Blu-ray Player: BDP-80 or BDP-83 Amp/Receiver: Onkyo TX-SR507 or TX-SR607 Speakers: Definitive Technology ProCinema 800, 600 or 60 depends on how much money left from the above two Since I'm setting up 5.1ch HTS only, is 607 so much better than 507? Will the 607 be overkill? There is quite some price difference between these two, but I do like the idea of having a better amp if it does enhance the quality. Any comments on this setup and which to choose? Again, my budget is 3k, but I don't mind saving a bit if possible Thanks and cheers!
  12. That's my target. But my wife thinks it's a bit over our budget to buy such an exp washing machine She wants a dryer too ... Oh boy, I wish I were rich ...
  13. I guess that's why my flat was sold in 3 days after I posted the ad, even w/o going through agent. The buyers said they had seen quite a few resale flats, but couldn't buy because of this quota thing. After seeing our house, they liked it, and they were eligible to buy, so our deal was fixed in an hour after viewing.
  14. Okay, thanks for the reminder. Probably go there on Sat afternoon, after I come back from the PC Show
  15. Thanks for the suggestions. I'd go down to Aldeph sometime over the weekend to check these out. Been dreaming of a good sound system for a long time, finally dream coming true Can't wait to move in to our new (but now still empty) flat ...