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  1. hihi can you pls share with me your experience of QS and the price range and contacts for getting it? Thanks!

  2. Hi, we don't have a common chute - only the newer flats have those. There is a picture of our hopper in the last few pages & that would be the main rubbish artery for our side of the flat.
  3. Hi Terry, its ironical you should make a statement on QC when my wife posted our nightmare with Bosch QC & after-services. Please do not make statements like "rest assured". Our Bosch side by side fridge was Made in China. We have due cause for concern. For your reading pleasure
  4. hey terry84, maybe you can do some service recovery from your end. Because from now on I AM NOT going to recommend this fridge or even BOSCH to anyone. I would rather buy an LG, and that's saying alot. The after sales support is so incompetent, even my newspaper vendor MAMA uncle has a much better organised system !!!! The Washing Machine is working fine & it is still built like a rock! (Kudos to German engineering), I can say the same to the oven (even though I just found out its actually a SIEMENS OEM, apparently BOSCH does not make its ovens but OEMS it from SIEMENS, not sure if it for all models - but I don't really care as long as it works) The side-by-side is MIC. I was told the engineering parts are german but plastics are MIC, & therein lies our problem. So much for QC...makes me say now BOSCH so wat? MIC still is crap... FELLOW RT folks you have been duly warned
  5. true, but you'd wonder if it a bit of "too-little-too-late" reactive measure for the coming elections, or "better-late-than-never"... this coming Mar sch holidays we "might" know
  6. love what you did with the balcony & glass doors - nice view too! therapeutic greenery after a hard day's work
  7. hi welcome to RT, sorry for late welcome - but better late than never right very nice layout its homey and clutter-free good choice on going with a contractor, there really is an overwhelming sense of satisfaction when your ideas get turned into reality. as long as you get a contractor who can translate your ideas, you should be set! good luck & all the best - hope you enjoy the transformation and have a good relationship with your contractor...i know i did
  8. same here - curry fish head patience...soon you can gorge all the way!
  9. ya man Kor, waiting to see how your fishtank is gona turn out!
  10. thanks yuene...love your orange backsplash - reminds me of a watch i almost bought
  11. out of the hospital? hope you recovered well from your chicken pox
  12. Yes we really like the area, the accessibility & extremely close proximity to town - not to mention the low density ratio in our area, which I personally like. thanks! hopefully not too long to get that semi
  13. Hey Ne0! Hope wifey is fully recovered, and that the BIG DAY went smoothly! Awaiting more pix and updates.
  14. Most of the rectification work is done, and with Jaskel, it's like having a friend pop over for a visit. Only two minor items left.