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  1. nice reno u got there. however, please be wary of the inferior quality of IKEA's cheap furniture. i had bad experience in just ten weeks after installation. the edges started developing ugly hairline cracks. i called them up to take back their stuff and give me a refund.
  2. saw this brushed stainless steel 2-bladed ceiling fan very nice. everything is all brushed s/s, from the customizable stalk to the canopy cover.... swee.
  3. try homely at Ubi, they do sell those bars of polishing agent for acrylic and polycarbonate surface.
  4. go for megaman. currently the market leader in commercial, industrial and residential LED solutions.
  5. bro, ask for a full refund of the expedit shelves. insist on cash refund, not credit refund nor vouchers.
  6. there are other types that has its gas-filled or oil-filled dampers integrated inside the hinge assembly, far slimmer than Blum. and cheaper.
  7. post the quality of works done here to show they done a bad job.
  8. new things are always nice looking one, after a while scratches from daily use will render u immune to it. same applies to a new flooring or repolished one. after all, the granite flooring is factored into your cov. hacking it means literally throwing your money to the drain n spending more to redo.
  9. finding the correct contractor is a **** lot of research n legwork, but the end result will always be satisfying.
  10. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/singaporelocalnews/view/1158640/1/.html
  11. keep us posted of the outcome to see if they can make good.
  12. normal for hdb/condo. nothing much u can do. but if u can plan from the start, the non-parallel wall/floor edge can be "hidden" by larger furnitures like wardrobe, bed, sofa, cabinets, carpets, etc, u can tell ur ID/contractor to start with a datum edge.
  13. one thing for sure, irrespective of which contractor is tasked to do, ALWAYS station there to supervise their work, so any issues can always be highlighted to them without delay. that will ensure minimal unhappiness.
  14. how can u be so sure it was them who damaged your tub? why was the defect not highlighted within the day which they left? this type of case nobody will be in a right mind to admit liability.
  15. Sorry, can you pm me alan's contact? Since you changed your signature, I can't no longer find it. Thanks!