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  1. settle electrical, aircon trunking, water and gas pipes.....go through a few rounds to make sure you have no more points to add etc. then do boxup and ceiling........ above done....then ask carpenter to come in to do measurements
  2. didn't manage to see if they applied sealant or not wor...no way to check i guess.
  3. rectify is one thing. but late handover means late. no matter what they do, they can never rewind the clock right? so how to compensate for such issues leh?
  4. seems like direct connection to the port at tv console area.
  5. started to move my stuff in. installed my gateman F10. now awaiting for washing machine (hongliang) living room tv (parisilk) fridge (GAB) and miscellaneous stuff liao router/cables etc. will take pictures of final products soon
  6. long time no update haha....since super busy. quick summary, after many rounds of rectifications we have finally started to move in to clean up. was busy over last 2 weekends....settling the home appliances....sweep/vaccum/mop etc etc also busy arguing with ID over the stuff that i am unhappy with namely tv feature wall in MBR and other small stuff. anyway as promised, curtains have arrived. super warm colour haha the other room. living room MBR for those interested to ask for quote.... http://www.11november.com.sg/ look for Jo : +65 81883040, recommended by me Simon
  7. hi can quote for TV LG 47LW6500 Washing machine Samsung WA12GP Fridge Hitachi R-Z582EMS/ R-Z582EMSX Hitachi R-Z632EMS Hitachi R-Z693EMSX
  8. LED depends on what LED bulbs u're talking about what u are really concerned with is the lux and light direction for lux...use a light meter lor....or see a real life application (nothing beats that) different people require different brightness to live with. for e.g. I lived in house with white lights since young. go to a house with warm white lights, i feel its dark. but some live with warm white whole light. change to white lights, they complain eye pain/tired therefore warm white/white depends on personal preferences. for cove lights, the advantage i feel LED has over the normal T5/T8 is that u can have a thinner false ceiling.....(LED strip ma! less than 1 cm thickness lor....even LED downlights also short profile than normal downlights IIRC) the other thing to consider is heat..................if u got aircon, then no diff. else, normal halogen/PLC might generate heat which LED don't so er....analyse NEEDS (not wants), then wallet then decide as for bright enough or not....see my thread u decide lor key part is what type of LEDs you use.
  9. yes piknik we have cabinets below the vanity top. take pictures when I am there tomorrow for you Hi Bun, the curtain-maker recommended to me by my friend. Haven install the curtains yet....around 2 weeks lead time. will take photos when its up.
  10. settled curtains yesterday. 1 set blackout day and night curtains for MBR. 2 sets of roller blinds for the 2 other rooms. 1 set day and night curtains for living room. roller blinds only fit to window whereas day and night all full height. so update on total wallet hole so far reno package (plumbing + carpentry + electrical wiring) : 32388 aircon + installation : 4150 song cho kitchen racks + faucet : 1.1k hoe kee kitchen sink + hood : 1.1k poh joo toilet accessories : 1.2k lights : 2k solar film : 900 curtains : 1.3k sofa + bed : 5k dining table : 500 breaking 50k barrier already
  11. as mentioned, plumber settled most of his work. but hard to capture pictures cos toilet so small rain shower in common room....max height allowable but like abit low....lucky me and wife are shorties....... heater installed.....but pipes very ugly....dunno how to solve small basin installed. anybody wants my original HDB basin? master bath room rain shower also done