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  1. my contractor keep pushing me to pay off a work done which i intentionally drag because he drag my simple renovation for more than 3 mths now he claims he wants his accounts to take action against me for failure to pay. Its not i no money to pay , its i want to teach him a lesson and take revenge against him for dragging my renovation. i already paid the major parts of the renovation , but the minor parts like adding door grille , add another cupboard was another quotation which was not signed by me ( this is the part which i intentionally want to delay payment) my question is , if a quotation or invoice was not signed as accepted by me, can he do anything about it ?
  2. anyone knows if its possible to DIY polish marble flooring ?
  3. do not ever buy cheers recliners ...they made me wait 4 months to deliver my sofa!
  4. upzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..........obviously ivory tower company ....will delete all negative comments and keep all positive comments .....
  5. like you all say lor ...about 400 ...i din care about the height cause space is more impt ...climb abit nvm la ...sea horse storage was the largest i've ever seen around
  6. http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/eat-drink-man-woman-16/do-not-get-cheers-recliners-man-wah-furnishing-you-have-been-warned-3692263.html DO NO EVER BUY FROM CHEERS !!!
  7. no la their reputation is only worth 10% the price of the sofa they bought and a "worth $299" massager ..you think they will elaborate ? dream on .... i now wont accept any form of compensation ...im all out to trash their reputation look at how quickly they delete comments from facebook
  8. sea horse one ...cheap , good and HUGE! ... lasting anot i dunno ...used for the last 3 months so far so good
  9. http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/eat-drink-man-woman-16/do-not-get-cheers-recliners-man-wah-furnishing-you-have-been-warned-3692263.html please go to this thread to see the active discussion there
  10. upzz for awarness.....cheers tried bribing me to remove post from forum if i accept a shoulder massager worth $299 ....nice try cheers
  11. what u see is what u get at their showroom ...no other colours whatsoever ...u see the design in black in showroom....black is the only colour then advise to avoid at all cost
  12. Ordered a set from CHEERS sin ming outlet , schedule for delivery 1 month later 1 month later .....told me set was given to somebody else , wait for new stock to arrive 1 month later 1 month later again ....told logistics cock up , please wait 1 month later 1 month later AGAIN ....told logistics cock up AGAIN ..........ultimatum.....get 10% discount and wait 1 month for delivery ......or refund with no compensation I took the latter farked up company who doesn't bother to inform customers that their delivery cannot make it , wont even call u on the acutal day to inform them you wait at home like an idiot when times up u call them then they tell u the goods not even in Singapore call them say will call back ....never ever calls back .....until i call again and was told the fella already GONE HOME. The amount the willing to compensate and wait 1 month MORE is a paltry 10% (less than $200) ........thats the amount of money they willing to pay to uphold their "reputation" YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!