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  1. It's a queen size. Care to share the price you bought for your Kind size Duchess?
  2. Ya I really tried and lie down on the mattress. Some of the price is very expensive but not necessarily my body likes it. So it's quite fair in buying mattress lol.. Tried a few like Getha, Slumberland, Eclipse, Dunlopillo.. Slumberland is good, to think back, I would have chosen Slumberland, coz it's about plus-minus 200 cheaper plus they upgrade the 2 pillows to memory foam, and throw in Storage Bed Frame (Queen size).
  3. Thanks bro for sharing your experiene. Really have to do a comparison between different shops to be able to gauge better somewhat on the reasonable price. And the payment wise i think it's a good trick to protect us as Consumer..
  4. momoe, I bought it from Furniture Mall. But by now all the outlets in Furniture Mall has relocated out.

    I bought it from Dunlopillo Suite then, and heard they are moving to some where in City Square now.

  5. hihi, i saw your post on Dunlopillo mattress + storage bedframe. May i know where did you buy it from? i so interested. & also the dunlopillo type? the price you pay is within my budget ya

  6. The verdict, the least to my own comfort, I found it comfortable and nice, during the testing. Coz it's yet to be delivered so wouldn't know the truth till i have to sleep on it for a while. Hope could hear some feedback from those who have this mattress..
  7. Thanks for the feedback. Something to take note of. I wonder if price will be much lower during the GSS some time in late May thru June. When I checked with the staff whether is worth waiting, they commented otherwise. (logically they wanted to close immediate sales), but the fact is which is the truth?
  8. 2k plus, was it with mattress? I went to Sea Horse at Plaza Singapura, at L5 if not mistaken, the queen size storage bed-frame is only S$471 without mattress. But may have to take note of the height of your mattress, i think their display storage bed-frame only targeted up to a height of 21-22cm.
  9. I went to the Sea Horse and yes it's not very expensive, it has to lift from the side-way fashion right? Was considering that but due to my mattress is 28cm height, and the display mattress in the showroom is only 22cm with the storage bed-frame was just fitted nicely, will be too high for the mattress I have bought, so didn't go for it.
  10. Thanks for all the comments/feedback. Somewhat I decided to go back to Dunlopillo where I bought the Royal Premier mattress from them. They actually gave free bed frame, not so bad design I would say, but it's non-storage. Likewise, due to space constraint, I was very much considering storage bed-frame. I went back to them and eventually get to top up a about 400 to change a queen size storage bed-frame (without central divider) was offered with one that has central divider and yet with fabric headboard (i think this should be more lasting but harder to maintain as it absorbed dust easily). But this one headboard will eventually took up more space by 6cm thereabout. So I get one with thinner headboard and the storage without central division. All in all I paid 2,750 with given 2x latex pillow + 1x normal bolsters (soft) + 1x mattress protector and the storage bed-frame. Not sure if I get reasonable buy or it could be lower?
  11. Hi All, Any recommendation for bed frame with storage? What to look at, which brand is good and o forth. Am looking or a queen size. Thanks
  12. Hi All, In case still looking To shop for furniture, perhaps it would be good try to wait for the coming fair at expo hall 6 from 28 apr to 6 may 2012. I've bought my mattress though. Only with deliberate delayed delivery. Tested the bed on 3 different days and was comparing between slumberland and dunlopillo before decided on to buy the latter. Cheers
  13. Hi All.. Bumped into discussion about mattress here and keen to know more on the mattress that I was eyeing; Dunlopillo Royal Premier. I noticed this model is not available in Dunlopillo UK website, not sure why? Anyway, went to Furniture Mall and try out, kinda like the softness. Honestly, am very noob in mattress and I just go by how it felt when I lie down. The price for this mattress is 2,299 with bed frame, 2x Pillows, and 1x Mattress Protector. Any comment in terms of the mattress quality and price wise? Thanks in advance for sharing