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  1. Thanks a lot. Could you PM me the contact details? Best regards,
  2. In my living room, from previous renovation, we have a false wall where TV console is fixed. The problem: the false wall covered some plug points and LAN points, which would have been useful to me now. Also the console is built in such a way, that any additional wiring (e.g. I keep a laptop connected to TV too), just hangs out and looks ugly. Due to this false wall, I cant also fix my TV to the wall, apparently the wood panel is not wide enough to support my TV model. So to resolve all this, I need to get the following done: a) take out false wall and replace it with a new one (or perhaps fix small part of false wall only to do wiring) b) remove TV console currently attached to the false wall c) install a new TV console that's thicker (and wider perhaps) with more space and provision for wiring for speakers, cables, etc. d) In this process, I would like the original LAN point uncovered (now hidden behind the false wall) Could experienced ppl help me know what should be my budget range (excluding the cost of a new TV console)? and could recommend an honest contractor from your experience? Thanks a lot, Ed
  3. Thanks for replies. I did one bedroom with a coat of mould killer solution which I bought from Self Fix, smells like bleach. Now I have put the ceiling fan on to reduce humidity. A few questions: a. would someone please recommend good professional cleaners? I am not looking for helpers who do general cleaning, but professional cleaners who would scrub walls and clean every corner of the house including ceilings. b. please also recommend whether dehumidifier would be useful and which model should I buy. Should I spent 500 dollars on Novita or 100 dollars on the Self Fix one. Thanks,
  4. Badly need help on this. I was a way for a week and locked my house shut (windows and bedoom doors) during this time. After I got back I noticed in the master bedroom, there are little grey patches on the ceiling. There are black bugs, very very small that I cant take a picture of, crawling on the ceiling and the walls. I had to move to another bedroom which was relatively better, but within a day I have noticed these bugs are in the entire apartment. The master bedroom is the worst. There is smell of dampness in the house and skin is now irritated and itchy due to the bugs. Please suggest the quickest solution. I have spent a day to figure out something on my own. Bought mould killer from DIY (Tried baygon, it did not help). So plan to spray it in the entire apartment, one bedroom at a time. I will run vacuum over the walls and the ceilings too. Finally will put a new coat of paint (mould resistant and top quality). This will take at least a week. Any suggestions are welcome.