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  1. Dear All, Sorry for not replying sooner. Seldom come into Renotalk after completion. Anyway, in case anyone is still keen, pls contact my contractor @ tel: 9489 4767 (Jason). You can tell him u were recommended by lady staying at Warren. *Good Luck & hv a great Reno journey* P/s: do post updates of your Reno if u selected him. Like to see your Reno works too yah.
  2. Hi Flermodders, I got the phone from a Country shop at Causeway Point (Woodlands). The clock is from the pushcart at IMM. The aunty said she is permanently at IMM, Level 1. Lots of nice things to get from the pushcart. I got a few other stuffs. Later I take pics and upload more loots.
  3. The interior of the cabinets are the same as those normal kitchen cabinets. Let me tidy things up abit then I take pics (if u still keen to see).
  4. My latest additions: Station clock
  5. Xiaobudian, Thanks for your compliment. I also like your country kitchen... cos your design is the shiny type. Nice. So far... have you bot anything else to decorate your home? If have, post pics leh. I love to drool over nice nice country loots. heheheh Msmorningdew, Have PM you with the details.
  6. You can go Ikea to take a look. I saw several sizes available in various colours. From small ones to really huge type.
  7. I have a ceiling fan just installed onto my false ceiling about 1-month ago. Ceiling fans are good as it 'removes' the untidiness of having another electrical appliance on the floor or shelf. In addition, the air circulation provided is so much better as the coverage is alot bigger. As for dryer, I used seperate units of washer and dryer as well as those 2-in-1 types. My verdict - the 2-in-1 machines sucks. Clothes that proceeded straight to the dryer mode after washing came out super crumpled. My cleaning aunty had a real tough time ironing out the creases. Worse part - there was an awful damp smell after the drying cycle. With the separate units, no such crease and smell issues. In addition, I am able to do more loads of laundry as I do not have to wait for 1 machine to go thru the whole cycle of wash-rinse-tumble dry-dryer mode.
  8. Erm... The measurements I gave is the length for each side of the kitchen. Not the total length of all the cabinets. Paiseh... I not sure what's the usual price pfr for normal kitchens so dunno if I am way over-charged or not. *faintz* But Country Style kitchens only 2 main ID's in SG can do it well - Cottage Crafts & Forestwood. Pricing I compared is about that region. I even got quotation from 2 other designers saying they can do country style - but their quote also not much cheaper. Maybe cos mine is condo? So they mark up quite abit?
  9. Hi Kalidor, No worries. rough measurements --> 1 side is 2350mm and the other side is 1500mm. HTH's.
  10. I'm not sure how much it is pfr cos my ID quoted me as a whole costing. Everything included -BLUM soft closing and granite top costs about $8K. You can call Forestwood to provide you with quote if you like this design.
  11. Thanks for the compliments. Yup yup... will be nice to upgrade your home 5-years later. Gives it a 'refreshed' and 'updated' feel.
  12. Thank you for the compliment. I've always loved this style but cos it's expensive to replicate, I only got the chance to do it now. Even then, not my whole house is done in this style due to budget. Need to slowly upgrade as $$$ comes in. hahahaha...
  13. Hope to have some time over the weekends to pack-up the bedrooms nicely before taking pics. So this completes phase 1 of my mini reno journey. Moving on.... I hope to do some additional stuffs like adding in cornices to the ceiling, simple chair rails or wainscotting on the walls and possibly wallpapering the bedrooms. These will enhance the look and feel of a cosy country home. Have any ideas??? Do share.... thanks.
  14. My bomb shelter door - cum household notice board. Cannot stick magents on the fridge as I was informed that the magnets will be constantly 'charged' thereby cause the fridge to consume more electricity. So have converted an eye sore (aka bomb shelter door) into a useful and fun element.