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  1. I am still trying to find the coffee table in your 3D drawing but no luck >.<"
  2. Any idea where can I find the coffee table? Thanks!
  3. Hi can I ask if you require PE endorsement for the quoted hacking?
  4. Dear all Any further reviews on WMF cookwares? Went to the sales studio at Shaw today and asked if the handle will get too hot because of the material. The sales representative replied explaining and showing within which radius should be fire flame be within else the fire might cause the handle to overheat and become too hot. Anyone has this problem? I really love the designs but somehow feel the pots are not as practical as other brands like tefal, happycall black edition etc.
  5. Hi can send me your quotation as a reference too? My layout is close to yours~
  6. Dear all, I have been looking for the product as mentioned. Most of the retailers have already discontinued this model, does anyone know where I might still be able to find them? TIA!
  7. Wow! What theme is this? It looks really gorgeous!
  8. I used grandmaster as that is how his assistant addresses him. 2 users from the car forum recommended him without any explanation. I checked the 2 users' posts and profile, reputable and don't seem to be advertiser.
  9. Has anyone consulted Grandmaster Vincent from (fengshui.com.sg) before? I tried to google for reviews but the only one I found is on a car forum.
  10. Can someone send me the list? Thanks!
  11. Hi Ivy, can I have the list too? My email add is cherishing4eva@hotmail.com Thanks!
  12. I think everything is standardized by hdb? Didn't pay anything extra other than the option fee.
  13. Is it better to get a washer and dryer separately or should I get those 2 in 1 kind? I am worried that 'multi function' product will tend to have problems more easily.
  14. I just booked my flat few days ago. Our keys are estimated to be available in April next year so am wondering when and where should I start preparing for our flat's renovation. I see a few exhibitions at Expo this month, is it recommended to visit all the exhibitions to get an idea?