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  1. Hi, could you pm me orange contact. Thanks.

  2. Jena

    Hi there, love your renovation! Culd you PM me your ID & Contractor contacts please? Thanks heaps!

  3. Hi can i know where u buy the transparent basin in ur MBR? coz its gd buy at 80 dollars:)

  4. Hihi, could you share with me ur ID/ Contractor contact pls..im now sourcing for one for my nest..you may PM or email to me t celinetohym@gmail.com. Thanks alot. Rgds, celine

  5. Hi, can you share with me your quote? your house is very very nice.

  6. Hi,

    Can share with me how much you spent on your reno and you id contact please? I'm now soucing for id/contractor for my new house. So far have only met up with Ideal House.


  7. hi babyluv, kchaw, Bluefluck & gigi1976 pm sent
  8. Hi ,

    Pls share the quote with me. Your house is very nice.

  9. Hi Nexer PMed u. But my I'd is not J
  10. [quote name='hwaa' timestamp='1341796037' post='731265' Bro, may I know where n how much u bough the art pic in ur dinning area? Thx
  11. Thx. Just cleaned mail box & PMed u
  12. The basin not so expensive, if not remember wrongly, about $80. Personally feel their quote reasonable (not very cheap) but quite firm. Hope u hv gd news fr J & c ur tblog soon.
  13. Thx. The dinning light bought fr "lights station" @ Jalan Basar. Cost me $480. I think it's gd buy for Korea led product.
  14. Thx bro. Now left glass / mirror work. Sure will update soon