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  1. painted door frames black and chose silver veneer doors to match the floors.
  2. if only i posted this here earlier then maybe u can catch. i posted this earlier over at the hwz reno thread.. there is very active compared to here...
  3. @fifteenmay dont be sad... the kompactplus really looks good with your floorings. yours is what? mine is 10.30, actually yah hor the seamless joint really looks nicer, glad i went with it...
  4. kitchen boxed up water pipe and top part did acrylic panel with t5 lighting..
  5. im on a budget as well lol. i gonna ask my ID to waive off the top up.
  6. isit too late? your ID perhaps shld have proposed such diagonal joint which will make it look nicer. but this requires abit of top up cos there will be wastages.
  7. yup thru a small tubing hole down to the kitchen tap inlet, tee-joint from there. just one water inlet to the dispenser.
  8. this machine is a godsent! kompactplus edge diagonally joint up!
  9. try looking for non famous ones, especially those that do alot of marketing, advertising etc.
  10. oh. the living room one near to the main door actually i did do built in cabinet for shoes. living room only has one niche beneath the window. the rest of the niches its all inside my bedrooms. i have 3 bedrooms and one studyroom. main reason why im not doing now is that my kids is still very young, i would want them to somehow have some ideas to decor their own bedrooms. but i have plans to perhaps mount shelvings to act like a bookshelf for them to put their books in the future. for now im not doing anything since all is inside the bedrooms and currently they are still very young and not utilizing the bedrooms yet.
  11. more pics of the wardobe. theres a mirror inside also, mirror open up got some shelvings can be used to store some stuffs.