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  1. Thanks. I think I need to throw away mine then. It's more than a year. Yes, very stinky!
  2. I have a few leftover cans of Nippon wall paint from my previous paint job at home. Do you all know how long they can generally last? One looks diluted already (a layer of clear liquid at the top) and some are a bit hardened. How long do you all normally keep them? Thanks for any advice.
  3. Hi all, I'm looking for an adapter that allows me to fit to the tap beside the WC in the toilet so that I can use it with a bidet spray. The tap given to us comes with a removable fitting meant for using a water hose I think. Do you all have a good recommendation of any bath store or hardware shop that sells such adapters? I went to several shops and none sold it, even though I vaguely recall reading somewhere such an adapter exists. Appreciate your help. Thank you!
  4. Selling a brand new set of Altec Lansing 2.1 speakers. Model: VS2621. Still intact in box. Not opened at all. I'm selling whole set at $40 only! Shops are selling it at $70. Interested, please sms 81232709. Preferably self-collect near Boon Keng MRT.
  5. Selling a brand new set of Altec Lansing 2.1 speakers. Model: VS2621. Still intact in box. Not opened at all. I'm selling it at $45 only. Interested, please sms 81232709. Preferably self-collect near Boon Keng MRT.
  6. Hi all, I hope to get some advice from anyone who has done renovation or repair works only to their master bedroom's bathroom. Actually I only need to change the tiles on one side of the wall and fix some piping issues. The toilet bowl, basin and other walls etc should remain intact. The size of the wall should be about 2.1m (Length) x 2.3 m (Height). Before I find a contractor, I would like to know if the job can be finished within 1 day? This is so that I know what I should expect from them. And will it be a dusty and messy job generally? If so, this probably means I should cover up some of the stuffs I have in the bathroom or even the master bedroom? Sorry for the newbie question! Thanks for your advice.
  7. Brylina, yes that's true. Ignatiuz,that's a good idea. Haven't seen it done b4. For those interested, I've got news from 3M that even if we increase the number of strips or hooks, it does not mean the weight limit they can hold will be increased. So got to be careful about this.
  8. Thanks limtan and Ryanmelissa. Actually come to think of it, it's an amazing design. Only thing is, there are different opinions on it. But so far, it's good to hear you've had yours stay for so long. I will see how... If really can't help it, then got to use nail. I think that's the strongest. Actually my friends were telling me, for large picture frames, best to use nails. Moreover, it is very unlikely we would shift its position even many years later.
  9. ignatiuz: Thanks for sharing. Yours is a positive experience indeed. And a large frame there. But you mentioned you used 4 HOOKS. How did you use so many to hang your wedding picture? As in paste the hooks onto the wall in a row and hang the wire over them? Or do you mean 4 STRIPS? Some people have mentioned they also tried to be kiasu and used within the weight limit but theirs still drop. It's good that yours stayed. Maybe it's their walls that are not suitable? therat: You never used the 3M any more for your new home to hang stuffs?
  10. Hi RyanMelissa, wow... are you using the 3M velcro type strips? Is your wedding picture frame like 1 meter or more in length, with frame thickness about 3-4cm? Thanks for your feedback!!
  11. therat, how big is your picture frame? Is it heavy? I'm thinking of hanging a 1.1m long canvas print. It has wooden frame at the back. The weight is within 3M's specs, but the length is a bit too long. Not sure if it's worth the risk.... Btw, can you remove the tape on the back of the frame without damaging it should you decide not to use the 3M method any more? Thanks for sharing.
  12. Hey everyone, thanks for the reply. That's exactly the responses I got on many forums and websites. Very mixed reviews. There are many who said they followed closely the 3M instructions but their frames and some even glass products still crashed. But there are others who had luck with it. Some also said they are ok for 1-2 months, then after that still crashed. Some used it for more than a year no problem. I think I will not risk my picture frame. Quite disappointed. Thought I found a good way to avoid nails. For those general stuffs, especially cheap ones, maybe can try.
  13. Hi, Wonder if any of you have used the strips or hooks for hanging pictures on walls, instead of drilling a hole. I have heard mixed reviews. There are quite many people who have their pictures crash to the floor even though they follow the instructions. Anyone has any bad experiences to share? Thanks!
  14. Hi, I'm looking for the Nippon Paint Weatherbond "Rustic Beige" (code:0823). If you have any spare paint of the same colour, I would like to purchase a little of it from you. I only need a bit but the smallest can is 5 litres which is too much for me. Please send me a PM. Thank you. - Erwin Ong
  15. I have about 10 past issues of Home&Decor, Home Concept and Square Rooms magazines. They are dated late 2010 to mid 2011. The designs and tips are still very relevant. Each magazine's original price is between $5-$6. I am selling each for $1 only. Will sell in bulk, ie about 10 of them to let go. Not intending to sell individual copies. Especially if you already know what you want for your flat/house, don't waste your money on interior designers, many of whom are strictly-speaking, not even real designers! Get your inspiration from these magazines instead. SMS 81232709 if you're interested. - Erwin