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  1. hi, yours seem ok but still can discount further based on my recent reno quote. i 've stated the price accordingly. hope this helps cheers
  2. hi, i also gotten a 3 room flat and also looking around for Ids/contractor. in the end after muich sourcing i decided to go with contractor as they are more practical and direct( of course will save $$$$) as well:) the only cons is that u must decide the color, lightings etc.. as contractor only follow orders and IDs will be able to draw up designs for u and advise the color theme etc... but as u know 3 room is still a 3 room there is really nothing much to design. i went to almost 10 ids and contractors and also get to learn some creative ides (but some are not pratical at all if you already have in mind what design yr house gonna be then go straight to contractors and get them to do the job thus will be much much cheaper. i myself found 2 contractors in TPY and serangoon . still have not confirm with them yet. hope this helps cheers
  3. Hi hi,

    i found another contractor who is cheaper then what i have for this quotation and he is more friendly and flexible ..

    if u guys need his contact an let me know btw how i get this lower quotation is i show him this one which is the lowest and he do a detail caculation for me and also he was intro by my friend and his company is at serangoon.

    hope this help...

  4. hi Zero, can pm me the price for Turbo T793G=OW with TSL-90 or do u have any other brands to intro which is similar to the above model? thanks
  5. wow their products so lousy?? i went to their shop last week and it seems the china lady was very polite and friendly. i was give a good discount and she is not pushy (yet to purchase from them) why i drop by this place was that i saw Sin shiang choon next to them and i went in but the sales girl cant even be bother to entertain me so i just walk out and saw this shop . btw other then their products are deflected, is their pricing good?? or any other place to recommend? i'm looking for basins, wash basins, hood and hob, water heater etc.. which this shop has it everything. thanks
  6. hi Aron, finally found this thread and no wonder i posted on the other thread on air con quotes no one reply i jus bought a 3m room flat and now thinking either system 3 or 2 am very confuse now cos my friends say need not have a aircon in the hall only rooms will do.... i'm looking into Panasonic , Sharp and now Midea... possible to give me a quote for these 3 brands on sys 3 and 2?? as for sys 3 will be 9+9+12 i seriously need some advise from u. thanks so much in adv
  7. hi hi, need some advise from the experts over here, i jus bought a 3 room flat and now looking into reno, furnish etc... and of course air con for my flat. So far i went down to Gain city and courts to take a look at the aircons and i was comparing Panasonic and Sharp. u might be thinking why i was into Sharp cos my present house is using Sharp for about 5 yrs plus and it does not fail me (touch wood) till now except for some water driping due to i did not service it regularly the guy from GC keep promoting Mit HI which i'm not really interested. a few questions i sincerly need from u guys 1) Is sys 2 good enough for my flat or sys 3 which includes the living hall why i ask this question is i'm kinda confuse cos my friends are saying that living hall need not to install cos i seldom use it and its wast of $$(which is true cos my present house for 5 yrs plus i dont even on it for more then 20 times) 2)Panasonic as the salesman form Courts was telling me i must mount it very high cos this aircon the flipping is top down and will not be cooling if i mount it too low (but i like the design now final question which brand should i go for? 1) Sharp sys 3 $2839 plus $150 bracket and $120 (dunno what upgrade of the armflax thingy)9+9+12 GC 2) Panasonic sys 3 $3089 plus $150 and $120 GC 3) Midea sys 3 $2168 top up $55 for 12k btu plus $130 bracket ... (he was telling me on site visit to determine i need to upgrade the armflax thingy the guy from Courts looks more honest cos he is not pushy and he gave mi losta advice and he told Midea is oem toshiba and no harm trying this China brand. he also advise if sys 3 whether i will on my 3 aircon at one go or not cos the compressor i will need to get is 28k instead of 21k but i told him no way i will on my 3 aircons at the same time.. any kind souls can tell mi shall i go for sys 2/3?? and which brand is really good. thanks chelsea
  8. Hi,

    can pm me on the cost of downlights and also the price of LED down lights as i'm gg to install on my resale flat.


  9. hi, jus went to another reno company who is a contractor rather then a ID and he highlighted to me on the quotes that the one i shortlisted.. there are some missing items which he did not quote me and this guy is nice enough to tell me and now i'm kinda confuse which company to sign with. items like back slash glass, low wall for the u sink etc... its really a headache searching for reno company
  10. hi hi , was too busy to log in for past weeks , i manage to find a few more ID/reno firm and shortlisted only 2-3 companies as the rest are on the high side.. (all close to around 30k with the same work) just pray hard that if i sign with 1 of the shortlisted one and hope that nothing goes wrong cos some friends was telling me too cheap might not be a good thing. cheers
  11. Hi hi,

    the person who quoted me is not an ID he is purly a contractor tats y he can give me a reasonable quote .. most likely i will sign the contract with him as the rest are too ex..

    his company is at Toa payoh and his name is george 98699988 i was thinking if u guys will to considered him as yr reno contractor we can bargain and squeeze him for more discount :)

  12. hi, can i know who is your contractor? the quotation looks reasonable, im looking for contractor to renovate my house

  13. hello,

    may i know whose your ID/contractor to provide you with this quote? Can let me know your contact?

    I am also looking for contact for my renovation..



  14. hi hi , thanks everyone for the advice! i gotten a few qutoes and found this is the lowest among the rest , is this reasonable?? 1 To supply materials, equipment & labour to hack & demolish wall tiles only for kitchen $480.00 2 To supply materials, equipment & labour to dismantle existing kitchen cabinet $200.00 3 To supply materials, equipment & labour to dismantle existing cement firdge, washing machine & cabinet base $150.00 4 To supply materials, equipment & labour to dismantle existing water piping for kitchen - 5 To supply & construct cement base for kitchen cabinet $180.00 6 To supply & construct cement base with tiles for fridge $150.00 7 To supply & lay wall tiles for kitchen (Tiles price below $2.80 psf) $2,300.00 8 To fabricate & install 33ft kitchen cabinet in solid plywood laminated finishing with ABS trimming $3,300.00 9 To fabricate & install wooden cabinet to box-up sewerage pipe $200.00 10 To supply & install soft-closing hinges for kitchen cabinet $100.00 11 To fabricate & install 18ft solid surface kitchen table top $1,350.00 12 To supply & install 2 pcs sand blasted glass door for kitchen cabinet $80.00 13 To supply & install 1 pc cutlery for kitchen cabinet - 14 To provide labour only to install cooker hood & hob for kitchen cabinet - 15 To supply & install 1 no. electrical point & switch for cooker hood & hob - 16 To supply labour only to install sink & tap for kitchen cabinet $60.00 17 To supply labour only to connect water inlet/ outlet for sink & tap for kitchen cabinet $60.00 18 To supply & change new stainless steel water piping for kitchen, bathroom & WC $780.00 19 To supply & lay inlet/ outlet piping for sink & washing machine $80.00 20 To supply materials, equipment & labour to hack & demolish wall & floor tiles for both bathrooms $680.00 21 To supply materials, equipment & labour to dismantle existing toilet bowls, basins & bathroom accessories $100.00 22 To supply & lay 3 in 1 water-proofing membrane for both bathrooms $150.00 23 To supply & lay anti-slip floor tiles for both bathrooms (Tiles price below $2.80 psf) $800.00 24 To supply & lay full hieght wall tiles for both bathrooms (Tiles price below $2.80 psf) $2,000.00 25 To supply labour only to install 2 nos. toilet bowl & 2 nos. wash basin & bathroom accessories $380.00 26 To supply labour only to install 2 no. instant water heater $120.00 27 To supply & install 2 nos. electrical point & switch for instant water heaters $100.00 28 To supply & install 2 nos. aluminium bi-fold doors for both bathrooms $400.00 Sub-total : $14,200.00 29 To fabricate & install 7ft featured wall with TV console in solid plywood laminated finishing for living hall $1,470.00 30 To supply & install 2 nos. electrical double point, 1 no SCV ponint & 1 no. main swicher for TV console $250.00 31 To supply & lay laminated wood flooring for living hall & 2 nos. bedroom $1,840.00 32 To supply & lay laminated wood skirting for living & 2 nos. bedroom $200.00 33 To fabricate & install 6ft sliding wardrobe with aluminium frame & glass panels at master bedroom $1,410.00 34 To supply & plaster only ceiling for whole house $850.00 35 To supply & install 1 no. solid veneer door at main entrance $680.00 36 To supply & install wrought iron gate at main entrance $480.00 37 To supply & install 1 set sliding window for 1 no. bedroom only $345.00 38 To supply & install 1 set window grilles for living hall only $210.00 39 To supply & paint whole house using ICI/ Nippon emulsion paint $850.00 40 To supply & paint all sewerage & water pipes - 41 To supply & lay new electrical wiring for whole house - standard package $1,680.00 8 lighting points, 2 double points, 6 single points, 1 heater point, 1 air-con point, 1 cooker hood point - 1 telephone point, 1 earth leakage booding point & 1 DB point - 42 Haulage of sand & clearing of debris $350.00 43 Acid washing for kitchen, bathrooms after all renovation works $200.00 44 Provide & lay corrugated board to protect flooring - 45 Design consultation & space planning - 46 Perspective drawing on all carpentry works - 47 Project management & job site supervision - 48 Materials selection & colour scheme proposal - 49 Submission of HDB renovation permit (Inclusive of permit fees) - Total Amount : $25,015.00
  15. Hi Wisper, thanks for ypur breakdown i think really must nego down on my 2 toilets.