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  1. Have you ever slept in a really comfortable mattress that you just don't feel like waking up and wish you can spend the rest of your day lazing on the bed? Any recommendation on which brand of mattress give one the most support yet soft & comfortable sleep? Please let me know, I am shopping for new bed, every brand has their selling point but i guess users speak the truth!!
  2. Hi Jazzblue, Just saw your message. I am really keen to find out more about the ADT service. My email is hengj@sg.ibm.com, can you contact me asap? My reno is in the midst and the contractor is laying electricity wiring next week, so I really need the contact asap. I've met up with 2 vendors so fat and definitely keen to engage one that is more reputable. Hi there! I have checked out Eurekaplus and they are super expansive, though they claim that their product is superior but the model they proposed is made in china and for 4 channels, it cost as high as 5000+, i got similiar quotation from other vendors at half the price.
  3. i hv once seen the demo done by a sales lady who came to my place last yr, wasnt paying much attention as my two new borns were crying. i cant even remember what brand was it. it looks pretty convincing when the 'dust & dust mites' was all floating in the water...tat's probably the only thing i can recall from that demo; but still i didnt buy for 2reasons: the unit looks really bulky - like a mini spaceship and for the price to pay, i have to use it very often for the value of money, which i dont have the time. Often we buy expensive items, use it for 1st months then keep in the storeroom as white elephant. Perhaps i will reconsider again for the interest of the family. Rainbow users, is the item bulky and takes up a lot of storage space? is it difficult to assemble? how about filter, vaccum bag or any other parts that requires to change regularly? do you need to buy any cleaning solutions to add into the water for cleaning/disinfectant?
  4. Hi all, thanks for all the exchange of information. We went to Rina Electronics who carries quite an extensive range of household electronics goods, from high to low end; the boss recommended Brandt for its performance & quality. I kinda like the combi microwave & oven, hob with 2 gas & 2 induction & the hood. Any brandt user can share your experience?
  5. Hey! Thanks for the advise! We don't do wok cooking, mostly pan/sir fry & boiling. Having both choices of gas & inductio hobs sounds just good. Don't need all the high end stuff, mostly importantly durable & doesnt rust easily cos i stay near the beach. I like brandt too but heard tat it is quite costly. Also, heard tat brandt does only condos projects, they dont sell via retail, is it true? do you know if they hv a showroom? How abt Teka & Mayer/Ariston? My ID recommends Teka, saw some thread discussion on Teka, didnt say much but some says it rust easily ?!
  6. i m thinkg of installing CCTV, anyone has any good recommendation who/where should i go to? CISCO? need one tat i can see wat's happening from web or any other mode, option for civilian monitoring or recording. me a working mummy with a pair of twin babies & 2 maids, need to make sure that my babies are in good hands when i am at work...especially after watching the video from UTUBE on how the maid kicking the poor baby all mummies, m sure u know what i mean right?
  7. harlow, i m new comer and glad i found this forum! can anyone offer word of advice which brand of hob & hoob is most durability, good performance & value for money?(haha, sound like ai-pe-ai-che), aiyo, which brand should i go for leh?? - teka - bosch - Mayer/Ariston OR - electrolux Also, is gas hob better or induction better HUH? I am clueless when come to such things.....help!!!!!