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  1. Hi Helena,

    Just wonder if you have engage HOME RENO as your contractor?

  2. Hello everyone, I've just got my keys and there's few details which need to finalise the design for my unit.. I seriously need advices on how to put up with a L-Box for my living room. The water pipes would be running right above my sofa set and across the living & dining area to my kitchen.. do chip in and let me know on how to conceal the water pipes by using L-Box and also i am consider to put up a hanging light in my dinning area? here the pictures of my unit concept.. do help please.. thanks.. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/834/adviceforlbox.jpg/
  3. hi Jochua,

    Possible to let let me have a look on your quote?? I'm getting Wawe to quote me too but seem he gave me an expensive quote. Do you tried to reduce the cost?

    pls advise. thanks

  4. Hi there, I need you to pm me your email address. I have a 3 room resale flat that need to do renovate. Need your quote for it. Thanks
  5. Hi Singaporegal. I have signed the deal with my reno last night already. They said I can get a 300 dollar voulcher if i recemmond ppl and they sign up as well. email me at taran_gilvin@hotmail.com and I will exchange further information to you.

  6. hi bear bear

    can provide me your contractor/ID contact?


  7. Hi there,

    I would like to know on how's your renovation work with Home reno? Are they good?


  8. hello,

    may i know whose your ID/contractor to provide you with this quote? Can let me know your contact?

    I am also looking for contact for my renovation..



  9. Hi there,

    can u able to pm me Alvin's contact?


  10. Hi Spanky,

    Thanks for sharing your articles here on renotalk.. I've just realised that Kenneth is no longer working in Urban Design because I've been getting quote for house renovation too. I would not contact urban design or hire them. for my renovation. Bad thing is that I have to start searching all over again. are you able to let me know who is your designer you may be work wit...

  11. hi khan

    are you able to share on who you are engaging for renovating your apartment?



  12. Hi there,

    i come across your ads and would like to know if you are a contractor or designer?

    Please reply with thanks


  13. Hi Jammo,

    I saw ya posting here on renotalk.. It's cool that u are also getting a 3I resale flat.. we have almost the same floor layout.. and u are so helpful to post ya quote in here..

    By the way, I do need your help if you are able to share with me your contractor's contact and also for the electrician too??

    Your help is greatly appreciated..


  14. Hi Mae,

    able to send me the contact of your ID?? thanks

  15. Hi All, I'm getting my keys for my 3I resale flat by End-Sept. Due to very tight budget, I'm looking for reliable and reasonable rate contractor for recommendation. Kindly please PM me your contractor's contact. Thanks a lot!