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  1. Hi all.. Posted on my 3 room Reno around 6 years ago, family expanded, need more space ^_^ In any case, managed to find a 4 room + utility within amk, and swap with owner ^_^ Reno is at the very early stages. Hopefully all goes well, after 3 rounds of quote, Decided to go with friend's dad, as we find it reasonable ^_^
  2. Hi Jammo can PM me your contractor n electrician contact?

  3. Hmm.. I think if you want to engage Mr. Soo.. must get him to plaster whole house.. Due to tight budget, I didn't do it.. End up.. now regret.. His tilings is not bad ba.. not perfect.. But for his sort of price? I think its bang for buck..
  4. Hi Jammo,

    I am looking for a 4NG resale flat at AMK.

    Saw your post of getting 12k COV, that a steal.

    BLK 118 ~ 134

    BLK 426 ~ 428

    Can you email me if there is any lobang of owner selling their units.

    No agents please.Prefer DIY

  5. For those asking me for my electrician's quote.. as below.. My electrician quoted me: double socket $40 Single Socket $35 Each lighting pt $35 Install Lights $9 Heater Pt $85 Aircon Pt $105 (Because i'm using isolater switch) DB Box $280
  6. Hi jammo. Possible to pm me the quotation by the electrician that you have engaged? Thanx!

  7. pm sent to those who asked.. er.. i'll just post his contact here.. my contractor is mr. Soo: 90098159. Electrician Mr. Lee 92770993.