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  1. bro I renovated my 4-rm 38-year old house for less than 41 k including electrical. do check around ask for more quotation
  2. : overlay of 6 mm ecopluz vinyl flooring plaster whole house including kitchen to paint sealer to paint whole house including kitchen to hack off whole house skirting and touch up Debris and haulage service to hack off living room 2 arch-top and touch up to hack and lay chemical cement on living wall to install 4 ft shoe cabinet to install 7 ft feature wall C/W TV suspend console to construct main door kerb with tile to hack off and install 4 door frame and seal up with hollow block to install "L" box ceiling cornice C/W cove light holder to install 2 no 6 ft sliding door wardrobe to install 3 room design "L" box ceiling to hack off kitchen wall and floor tile to lay water proofing to lay kitchen floor tile to seal up toilet door entrance and make good to install kitchen cabinet top and bottom 31 ft install 17 ft quartz kitchen top Altar table at the living room electrical rewiring for whole house and new DB box
  3. we decided to engage him after viewing 1 of his ready renovated flat and definitely cos of the pricing.
  4. until we found this experience uncle yip from 1 of the contact from my wife friend. he told me to contact him , no harm trying to get another quotation from him. we arrange a date with a few more contractor and 1 ID to view the house and request for quotation. What I am impress with him Is he share how we can cut to the budget we have.eg plastering the existing tile at the kitchen do only part of the hacking of the floor and some part of the kitchen. The rest plaster smooth the surface.
  5. Our renovation I am thinking with our limit budget will definitely not able to redo the whole house. We try to ask for contact of close friend and I got to get a few of contact for renovation. None was close to our budget. We have almost around 10 quotation but all I above 50k. We remove the idea about hacking the main hall flooring , relay with vinyl flooring instead. Toilet will be done under HDB HIP programme. we manage to reduce quite a bit on the renovation but it was around 43k cheapest we have received out of the 10 quotation we have
  6. Below are the picture when we decided to buy a resale 4rm flat. Condition as you are able to see Is "Original" FYI this Is a 38 year old flat