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  1. hi all, u can email me at jimmya@hotmail.com for more details. i dont know why renotalk prevent me from pm... question : may i know why - renotalk? i got a good renovation contractor, we are all sharing the good n bads of different companies so that new owners will not be scam here and there, thats why the forum is here for all of us to communicate. i think u should address this issue, its not like i have done anything wrong....? all d best!
  2. hi ngchuanan, jimmya here. nice house, oh also eu........ chia from interior d......... ? nice works! ya , we are having a gathering too, hes inviting all his owners to his showroom for buffet, seeya! all d best!
  3. Hi jimmya here, have not been here quite awhile, recently my basin tap spoil n i call him for repair and my contractor did it for me within the same day, at no charges too... 2 years already, but anyway his warranty is 5 yrs. feel free to call him for quote, no harm comparing, no gst too! have pm u guys. All d best!
  4. hi guys, want to commend well on my id.. i had my basin tap spoil and he arrange plumbler for me n came down to fix it. its actually my fault, no costs at all. thanks man! good service after sales! all d best sourcing for ur ids!
  5. Hi, May i have your ID/ contractor  contact number pls. Thanks.


  6. hi guys, had pm u. my photos are in thread page 10.just in case u want to see coz alot of u had ask me about my house reno. all d best!
  7. hi peihao83, warranty covers in the things they do, like ceiling, carpentry, tiling, plumbling, etc... included false ceiling as well.. well i have compared abt 7-8 coys before finalising it. so i guess its ok. moreover the most important thing is the person. if u feel comfortable with him , thats the most important thing to me. but anyway thanks for ur advise too.. greatly appreaciate.