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  1. I bought 55" tv fridge 393 litres (nett), it is good to have a big fridge!
  2. Hello, I will like to know is there any holes drilling in the bomb shelter which you installed WIW? thanks
  3. Hi Ankle Thanks for sharing the photos! Very nice May I ask where did you get the chest drawers near the window? how much it is? Thanks!
  4. Hi GreenBunny, Thanks for sharing what you have gone through, did you self check or your I.D. go through the defects with you?
  5. Hi greenbunny, thanks for sharing your lovely and cosy home! Very nice! But I wonder where do you store your "extra" stuff since there are only kitchen cabinets and wardrobe. The bedroom has a L-shaped wardrobe. Can I know how many ft is it? Has the right angle been "sacrifice" to a smaller space since it is an L-shaped?
  6. Oh, City Gas piping are already laid in kitchen? I am a bit confused as i thought we have to get them to install the piping if you wanna use gas.
  7. Hi Spikeling Great that you shared the lovely pictures with us! Can I ask , did you change the bedroom door? I like the simple vanity top. What material did you use? How much did it cost to do it and did you relocate the piping? For your kitchen, how many lighting points did HDB allocate to? Thank you
  8. Hi Ankle May I know how long does it take to renovate the house? Thank you
  9. Hi Ryan You mentioned that you paid up for your house, so do you still have to purchase the fire insurance from HDB when you collected the keys? Thanks!
  10. Wow!!! LOL, makes me hungry.... yummy lo!!! Never share recipe... haha, kidding. Happy New Year !!!
  11. You no sound no picture, I thought either you retire or the ladder haven't delivered so you can't show us the curtains. ' Nice and cosy and you have space for the Xmas tree! Btw, you using induction hob. Do you cook often? Do you mind sharing what is your electricity cost since you moved in? Thank you and enjoy the holidays!
  12. Hi Mmoh May I ask for your contractor name,co and tel? Btw your mailbox is full. I noticed that your window bay picture is no longer there. Thank you