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  1. Hello, i read abt u looking for bldg contractor. the post was many years back. not sure if u still need one. can text me at 98262881 for any enquries

    Wong Yee Kang

  2. Share another nice 5I layout, able to convert the study room to bedroom...
  3. For your information, I didn't pay a single cents to the agent, and i think the case is closed as i didn't signed any comm agreement. Their legal department dun want to reply any emails to close the case either... If you not satisfy the service, just write in to their boss for their unprofessional service...
  4. End up I take Esteem Interior @ Clementi. I hack and change my 5rm flat (121sqm) floor tiles to Homegeneous + Kitchen (With cabinet and Basin) + 2 Toilets (no Heater, ,but Basin, toilet bowl included) + Re-wiring = SGD 24k (He free lights and ceiling fan installation for me).. Please note that there are no Tap, TV Console, Bedrooms Cabinet and Toilet Cabinet Included.
  5. Actually, buyer no need to attend the 2nd appointment, you can get lawyer or agent to represent you then you collect the keys from them. my case, my lawyer represent me for the 2nd appointment and i collect the keys from lawyer firm. nth much for you to contact the agent also..
  6. How's your appointment? I still yet to get response from the legal department too.. It's already 3 months after I submit the complaint... I am glad that finally there are some news from gov, to take action towards conflict interest case.....
  7. Nth much as a buyer... I am sure you able to handle it~~
  8. Maybe i share the message with you all... "People hard earn $ plz pay dont wait until people curse n swear u. It was slash half n yet u r being so unreasonable do not blame me as i am going to make this matter big issue dont say i dont warn u - propnex top 50 agts 1st quarter 2010" 1st, i really didn't know that doing nothing and no service provided can consider as "hard"... 2nd, she will curse n swear us if we still dont want to pay.... we are waiting the company legal department to explain the charges what, still in negotiation stage... 3rd, she going to make the matter big issue.. How big?? Sue us or do something bad to my house?? 4th, she warn us through this SMS... I can make police report already for this statement??? 5th, why want to quote the top agent things.. I dun understand... to show off or let me know she earn alot?? 6th, if we have signed the agreement, will they be "reasonable" to cut/discount the commission for us???!!! WILL THEY???!!!!! NOT EVEN a single cents!!!!
  9. For 1st app, nothing much... Just go to HDB hub and the officer will help you from there... For 2nd app, get your lawyer to represent you, then you collect keys from them... You dun even need to show up for that 2nd app... For my case, I still following up, they keep ignore my mail.. and agent sms and threaten us that she gonna make the issue REALLY big and wan to curse us... Annoying!! I feel like wan to make police report coz i feel she threaten me... haaha...
  10. My hubby called, the account department say receive the email and will talk to the agent... My hubby ask her to acknowledge the mail, but think she dun understand what is the meaning of "acknowledge"... as till now also never receive anything from them..
  11. WOW hehe.. serve them right.. actually hor u nver sign the agreement , no nd to pay also can huhuhu .. Just saw from propnex website, she is one of the top agent in the company. She really able to survive with all the lies... We have mail to feedback n clarify the 2nd Invoice and Reminder to Account Department and Legal Department, but there are no FEEDBACK at all... Not even an acknowledgement...
  12. Besides the charges, there are something we asked for clarification. Just to understand more about their procedure and hopefully they can review the process to avoid agent anyhow charge buyer. Eg. Invoice have been ANYHOW sent out without comm agreement (1st Invoice) and without acknowledgement (2nd Invoice). Besides, account department sent out REMINDER without knowing we are following up the issue with Legal Department. AND, what driven account department send out the reminder? How they certified as "valid service" for a buyer?? Search house for the buyer?? or just sell the house to the buyer?? What kind of services they "should" provide buyer?? I suspect, agent is the one who initiate the invoice and reminder. If they able to explain, I willing to pay.
  13. Just some update about the issue... The legal department have replied the email stated that the agent agreed to SGD1500+7%GST for the commission. WITHOUT our agreement, they sent us another invoice stated the amount. Sigh... What kind of process is that... We thought the issue still under negotiation stage.... Why they will anyhow send invoice without our agreement??????? After a week, we receive another reminder letter to ask us pay the amount within the 7 days.... So, another email sent to them stated all the issue, and no FEEDBACK FROM THEM at all..... I really dun like to drag the issue for so long, but they really took very very long time to reply email.... or maybe they just ignore....
  14. But i already paid... so thinking to let go the voucher @ cheaper price...