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  1. Please pass me the contact too. my aircon is fujitsu also
  2. Hi, Pardon my ignorance... What's a universal remote? how much does it cost? Where can I get one?
  3. Hi NEx, Just curious, do they have stocks for 8litre gas already? I just called citygas less than 2 weeks ago and they say only have 5 litre. So it means 8litre gas water heater arrived liao?
  4. wow...so how much u spend in total for your house? must be 100k?
  5. Thanks simpleboi. Anybody got MSN? Can PM me? Hope to know more new neighbours here.
  6. Thanks kriegs for your advise. May I know where you bought your doorbell chim? H ow much did you pay for it? Went to the Self-Fix Shop at Tiong Bahru Plaza but they have run out of stocks for wire doorbells... Seems to me that most shops sells wireless instead.
  7. Yes happy, I saw the doorbell point already at the kitchen area. Tomorrow going to buy 1 x doorbell to get my contractor to install. Basiaclly I just wish to use the doorbell button supplied by HDB instead of wireless. If I use wireless, does it mean I shld get my contractor to remove the one by HDB? (as in dun have 2 doorbell button?) or if I get the wired one, it must be run by electricity (plug to socket?) wah so confusing man for a sotong like me .....over a doorbell
  8. Sounds bad. Seems like not very wise to shift the TV point. BTW, does anybody uses the HDB supply doorbell? I went to take a look and saw a doorbell point at the kitchen. Was thinking of getting a wire doorbell and ask my contractor to install.
  9. Hi keltong, Thanks for your reply. Wow, woollands loop. Sounds a bit ulu By the way, did you fix the doorbell chim yourself or you get a contractor to do it? If we want to change the battery (if it's fixed), would it mean climbing up and is it hard to fix back? By the way, how long can the battery for such doorbell last?
  10. May I know where is Choo Chiang? So if I want to use the HDB doorbell switch, does it mean that I must go for the wire type doorbell? By the way, is the wires connected to the kitchen area? where do you guys install your doorbell?
  11. Sorry to hear what happend to you. I never manage to get a quote from Classic design (they told me will sent over but never did). In the end, i just choose another contractor. But still I am quite surprise that they can let this tile thingy happened to you...
  12. Hi, My floor tiles is just completed. However, my living room skirting has not turn up very well...(i use those woody homo tiles for my bedroom, and I use it for my living room skirting). How much would it cost if I want to hack the skirting away and redo as homo tiles? Anybody has any idea? Haiz...poor color combination from myself..
  13. any pics to show? do you need to get the contractor to fix the doorbell if its wired? a bit confused...
  14. Can I know whether your aircon is a non inverter or not? BTw what brand is it? How is the workmanship for Allbest? Hmm...how long or how many hours does the actual nstallation takes?